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    Dear all,

    In an upcoming update, we will be introducing a Payload Restriction option in the Mission Editor. This will allow mission designers to restrict weapons to specific stations for both single- and multi-player missions.

    I am posting this here as we hope this will be a good solution for “HARMgate”. Based on further research, it comes down to a “it depends” situation. While some Viper units have had their HARM shooters wired for STA 4 and 6, other did not. This explains the conflicting SME feedback and mass-consternation and confusion. With the addition of the Payload Restriction option, we’ll let you decide.

    Kind regards,

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    Dear all,
    Time for a little Viper update. While the AH-64D team has been very busy, our modern-day fixed wing team (Viper and Hornet), have been equally busy. Although not a promise (a lot can happen in test), we are shooting for the following in the October update:

    • Air-to-Ground radar in Ground Map (GM) mode.
    • HARM Targeting System (HTS) and HARM Attack Display (HAD).
    • Bullseye DED page and indications for FCR and HSD pages.
    • Addition of the HSD cursor.
    • Addition of Mark Points.
    • New INS/datalink system for AIM-120 guidance.
    • Updated FCR and HSD symbols (color and shape).
    • Highly detailed pilot for cockpit view.
    • Smoother cursor control.
    • Improved MPD clarity.
    • Adjusted RWR detection ranges.
    • Flight model adjustments including commanded G-onset rate.
    • RWS/TWS refinements.
    • On-speed AoA airspeed correction.
    • Addition of the HMCS DED page.

    This list is by no means complete, but it highlights some of the more pressing matters. Again though, this list is not in stone and may change based on internal test results.

    Kind Regards,


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