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Thread: 2019 TEAM SOH Around-the-World Race OFFICIAL THREAD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moses03 View Post
    Close race for sure! Well done AVSIM.Case in point, on our UHHH to UHMM wildcard leg, both MaddogK and I were flying the A2A P-51D (M had the earlier version) and both using FSrealWxPro. As wingman, I was making a steady GS of 420 while MaddogK seemed to average at about 373. Now I was at a lower alt at 24100' for cruise while he was a little higher at 27,300'. The AVG H/T wind component was wildly different as reported by the duenna yet while flying we seemed to have roughly the same winds live in the sim.As far as FSrealWxPro goes, MaddogK noted that you could toggle the weather from either a German (DE) or USA (US) server in the settings. I had left it default on the DE server. Not sure if this made a difference but it is worth noting as we move forward.Again, nice job everyone who participated this year. And a special sendoff to Mike and Rob for all of their thankless work over the years behind the scenes.Kevin
    I had done extensive experimentation in the previous FSrealWX build and found the weather updated more consistently than the current build. I was doing a clean windows reinstall to a loaner HDD AS the race was starting, so I didn't get any time to play with the weather setting, and it was doing some very weird things. I wont go into detail as duenna was happy with the defaults FS was using but I won't be using it when I debug my original HDD.

    Weather aside, I can account for those 25 seconds- I hadn't logged into the alternate SOH site before taking off on that wildcard run. I never expected THIS site to go down just as I was rolling out from landing. The panic from trying to open a new browser window, type the site name in, wait for it to load, login, then find the unstickied thread to post in for the baton transfer is NOT to be underestimated.
    "May fortune favor the foolish"

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    The AVSIM guys suggested weather injection via the duenna and that struck me as an interesting idea. Granted I won’t be able to do complex themes like ala activesky. Fs9 is still an issue as weather in it is different than fsx.

    food for thought.

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