This is Race Week and we need to do some organizing. We want to maintain our tradition of the pilots' regulating the race. And that means that we need to have the teams elect three pilots who can serve on the Racing Committee (and as the Officer of the Day). Formally, we shall maintain the structure of Administration from previous years.

However, as it appears that the teams will be slightly short-handed, we would like the teams to do a bit of self-regulation. Each team might monitor its own baton-handoffs and its documentation procedures and whether it has hit the proper waypoints how it handles wingman-transfers. Obvious stuff. And the teams might impose penalties on themselves if they make the normal sorts of errors that come up. If we can do this, we shall lighten the burden on our fellow pilots who volunteer to serve time as a Duty Officer.

The Duty Officer might be asked to monitor the two forums mainly to catch things that need decisive intervention. Say a team crashes and has trouble figuring out how to proceed. Or a weather engine fails. Or we experience a glitch in the Duenna monitoring system.

If we do this, then the Duty Officer responsibilities will not interfere with the volunteer pilot's role on the team or his real life commitments.

So we need each of the two teams to elect three experienced members to serve on the Racing Committee. (From each team, it would be best to have at least one from Europe and one from North America.) We should get rolling on this as the Race starts on Friday night.

Thanks for your help.