Update for the Dewoitine D510
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Thread: Update for the Dewoitine D510

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    Update for the Dewoitine D510


    The D510 is updated with a new flight model and another paint. You can get the package updated on the "Royale French Navy" site.

    The new paint (screen P3DV4) represents an aircraft of the squadron SPA31 (GCII / 7) serial number 218 and registration number R-248 " Le coq chante et combat" :

    Of course, this paint is also for FSX (lol)!

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    Loving this and the D501! Beautiful, commercial-quality planes! And great flight models.

    I am having one glitch with the D510 on P3D V4.4: There's a effect that comes up when you go past about half-throttle. You see smoke from the exhausts in the external view, which looks fine, but there's also a cloud of dots that surrounds the cockpit and is visible both outside the plane and from the VC view. I've attached a closeup. Not sure if this is intentional, but it looks really artificial and I'd like to disable it if possible. Anyone know what this effect is, and if it can be turned off in aircraft.cfg or something? Thanks!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v4 2_12_2019 10_39_20 PM.jpg  

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    The problem P3DV4 is well known, the cure is to suppress the engine sparks effect which is not compatible with P3DV4. I don't have P3DV4, so i can't do anymore. The faulty effect is "fx_V12_MAX_starb.fx".


    PS : You must kill the file in the effects directory or insert a dummy one with the same name. The effect is build in the model because it is a conditional one (RPM and manifold pressure).

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