Alphasim CVN-65, RF-4 and battlegroup
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Thread: Alphasim CVN-65, RF-4 and battlegroup

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    Alphasim CVN-65, RF-4 and battlegroup

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category FSX Ships

    Description: CVN-65 nuclear battlegroup and aircraft, featuring: Alphasim ( CVN-65 scenery object converted to FSX AI with acceleration features. Slippery frames, looks pretty good for her FS8-9 vintage. CGN-9 Long Beach, CGN-42 Strike cruiser, SSN-585 Skipjack class SSN, AI SH-2 and SH-3 for escorts. The Skipjacks are dynamic and submerge/surface on start/stop. Alphasim RF-4 in FSX native, all animations-rudder, NLG, roll spoilers and feel ailerons- correct in sense and direction, drop tanks on fuel load/payload conditions, uses piglets F-1 VC. Willy Vernike's HSS-1 Seabat.

    FSX native, Alpha S-55 VC merged in. Looks allright, great for 60's navops.

    A big B-Z to Phil at Virtavia, Henk, Piglet, Dan the Man and Mr.Hatt.

    Conversions, ships by Y.T.

    To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit Alphasim CVN-65, RF-4 and battlegroup
    The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.

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    Grateful for this and your other FSX conversions Lazarus - thanks.
    Well I've been to one World Fair a picnic and a rodeo and that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard come over a set of earphones.

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    Former Alphasim CVN-65 Enterprise

    My apologies to anyone who finds this thread and wants to download the initial package. I asked Dave and Rami to remove the file.

    Team SDB has exclusive rights to, and now owns the source files of, the Alphasim CVN-65 Enterprise and has since 2010 via the original
    developer, Carl Edwards (ninja-mouse). It is not the property of Alphasim and not Phil Perrot's to give permission to use/manipulate directly
    or inferred. The "CVN-65 Off Puerto Rico" demo version I uploaded for Alphasim to several download places in 2006 also falls under this
    agreement between Team SDB and Carl Edwards.

    The FS9 version by Team SDB was available for purchase until a couple years ago but was not made available as freeware once taken off market.
    The FSX/P3D version, and the upcoming Final Cruise version, are both based on the FS9 hull.

    The resulting and potential lost sales are why I had it removed from SOH Library and other places I have found it.
    We have no issue if the ship MDL is removed and the package re-uploaded.

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