1942 luftwaffe home movies
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Thread: 1942 luftwaffe home movies

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    1942 luftwaffe home movies

    found these home movies of a luftwaffe airfield in france. the interesting part starts at the 12:00 mark.



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    Interesting. I noted someone early in the film seemed to stumble across a partial bundle of "Window" on the branches of a bush while on a cross-country jaunt. What interests me also is, I noted a number of examples of the "Hitlergrusse" in this film. The footage from Dieppe indicates the later part of the film was shot after 8-19-42 - possibly late August. So the earlier parts of the film were taken quite possibly during the early-mid summer of 1942. I was under the impression the Hitler salute was practically mandated after the 7-20-44 attempt on Hitler's life. Prior to that date then, apparently, its use was voluntary but widespread. Voluntary, that is, unless mandated by a unit commander.

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