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    i have cracked the code to allow you to fly as a pilot for a country and have the pilots skin show threw the entire animation sequence it also shows if you have the animation of the pilot between flights sitting on the crates or standing by the drum so its the animation expansion for the NEK no more will you bail out as a Russian and hit the ground as a brit

    I also fixed many errors in the cutscenes.xml but I cant say all yet problems because im still testing all the airports in all eras

    I made special pregames also I utilized a variation hook so it gives you a choice plane by plane what shots you want to see at a has default shots that every plane would see and they have the pilot animations and a set of the same shots but I have edited out the pilot animation and there is a place for a 3rd set that doesn't have much in it right now but custom shots are coming

    anyway its going to be a weak or two if anyone can improve a couple of the pilot skins and it looks like some are duplicated im not sure at the moment but I post again when I have more info on what ones

    thanks Rramjet

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    Great news ! Thanks. Something much needed for a long time. Regards,Scott

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    hi Rramjet, great to see someone looking at this stuff! You may be aware that there are a number of variations to the cutscenes file and also the scripts for the animation. I like some of the stuff from the D-Day addon, and it may provide some inspiration for your mods.

    You wouldn't happen to have looked at the brieftxt.xml, perchance? I can't help thinking it would be possible to do some interesting things in there.

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    ammo crates

    Hello, progress is being made I have most pilots working fully with the entire animation is consistent I need some help from the ACC guys Pat and Frosty I think I need you to rename a model of yours its the box of ammo crates you have on the airfield around the plane and truck when animations are happening I need you to rename it in a 6 letter name but not crates change 1 letter or 2 or anything that's 6 spots long that's all I have to edit and I can make the crates the pilot in the animations is leaning or sitting on the ammo boxes instead of the big crates.

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    Hi Roger,

    (It is Roger Ramjet, isn't it? )
    You got my attention; that animated pilot really needs replacing with a better model. So, what pile of ammocrates are you referring to? If you can post a screenie, I 'll see if I can help you out!

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    so i have managed to make all parts for the 20 countres in the NEK i have fixed the cutscenes.xml works with all 20 countries and now i have found a way to get each country to have a active pilot through all stages of animation the picks are of the Australian pilot Macdonald flying a us plane but I found the hook for the crates that the pilot is sitting on and im trying to change it to your ammo boxes but when I hex edit your m3d file its to long I need a 6 letter name for the ammo box to fit in the space
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails cfs3 2019-02-13 16-33-58-56.jpg   cfs3 2019-02-13 16-35-59-47.jpg   cfs3 2019-02-13 16-31-39-61.jpg   cfs3 2019-02-13 16-31-59-62.jpg   cfs3 2019-02-13 16-31-09-61.jpg  

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    Frosty tell Pat to check his CFS3@hotmail account i sent him a cutscenes.xml and some pregames for bob that fix all the animation problems in bob it turns on all airports brit and ger side and a custom one for Kenley

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    Is it the stack of .50cal boxes as in your 2nd screenie you want to be renamed?

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    yup that's the one call it something 6 letters long in the m3d and if that works do you have something that is about the size of the drum a stack of ammo crates the size of the drum. this is the allied Italian pilot "Toscan" who ever panted it did a amazing job on the paint almost looks real. notice again he's flying a US aircraft if you choose him he will be your pilot no matter what aircraft you choose he will be the pilot as with any pilot you choose the animation will have continuity no longer switch to a different pilot at the final part of the animation. 20 pilots to choose from everything is going well but some of the pilot skins are messed up because when I put it together I gave some country's American animations some British and the axis powers I gave German animations so the problem is the person who painted the skin may have used a British skin template but I gave the country American animations so the skin is slightly off .
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails cfs3 2019-02-13 17-58-04-31.jpg   cfs3 2019-02-13 17-57-14-30.jpg   cfs3 2019-02-13 17-57-24-31.jpg   cfs3 2019-02-13 17-57-54-30.jpg   cfs3 2019-02-13 17-56-54-30.jpg  

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    us navy pilot

    here the us navy pilot
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails cfs3 2019-02-13 18-30-58-55.jpg   cfs3 2019-02-13 18-31-08-55.jpg   cfs3 2019-02-13 18-30-48-55.jpg   cfs3 2019-02-13 18-35-08-55.jpg   cfs3 2019-02-13 18-31-38-55.jpg   cfs3 2019-02-13 18-31-18-55.jpg  

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    Here it is.
    I hope it's what you asked for: I renamed the model and the texture to 'XXXXXX.m3d', so you can give it a name you like/prefer. If you rename the model, you also have to rename this line in the accompanying .xdp file: ModelName="XXXXXX"

    There's actually two textures: one with plain plywood and one with OD painted ammoboxes. If you want to use the latter, rename 'YYYYYY' to 'XXXXXX'.
    If you want to rename the texture as well, you also have to hexedit the .m3d file to change all instances of to your new name. Otherwise the model won't recognize your new texture name. It's easier than it may sound.

    Let me know if you need any more help.

    It's a very old model with a very low res texture. I don't know if that will show in the cutscenes.

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    I get the textures but that's it
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails cfs3 2019-02-14 09-25-32-21.jpg   cfs3 2019-02-14 09-24-32-21.jpg  

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    heres the other texture . i have found the refreance to the oil drum so if anyone wants to skin the crates and the drum im open to anything
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails cfs3 2019-02-14 09-47-31-96.jpg   cfs3 2019-02-14 09-47-21-96.jpg  

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    Ah, okay,

    Those crates are not an ACC model but a stock CFS3 model. I thought you were asking for my model to replace those three big stock crates. What I see now is the texture of those big crates being replaced with the texture of the ACC model. I read your posts as you having found a way to replace the model of those big crates with the XXXXX.m3d for the animation sequence, not just their texture. Please correct me if I've misunderstood you.

    Thinking a bit about this, it would however be interesting to replace the stock CFS3 crates.m3d in the 'buildings' folder with my (or any other) model and see if that also changes the crates in the pregame animations... It would make sense that those animations use the stock models present in the game. But in what file are they called for? I took a quick peek in the animation .x file and other files in the 'animation' folder but did not see any .m3d references. Where did you find a reference to the pilots models?
    If you want to try anyway, rename all my three 'XXXXXX' files to 'crates' (.dds, .m3d and .xpd - you can choose which of the two textures you would like to use, XXXXXX or YYYYYY), hexedit the .m3d and change the '' reference to '' and also alter in the .xdp the reference to 'crates.m3d'. Make a backup of the original crates folder outside the CFS3 directory and then replace 'em with the three new files.

    If you only want to replace/re-skin the big crates' texture, you indeed have to find someone who will repaint their texture. Unfortunately I'm currently preoccupied with another project, so I am not the one for this.

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    I tried to use the model but all that showed was the texture

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    Hi frosty i just spent over a hour typing a message explainging how and wher I found the hack but I took to long and it timed out . all I need is paint for some germans all I can say is its going to bring 20 pilots to life you are going to have 20 usable pilots and the shots I can take on the pregames, get a hold of pat and the BoB stuff I sent him or give me your email and I will send it only 5 mb zipped and you will see what im doing i heading to work now I work nights so if I see you address I zip it your way and if you fly specific planes you get different sets of shots 2 custom airports kenley and one German one Audembert. no I didn't want you to paint skins but I do need some pilot skins done anyone up to the challange?

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    Advanced Animations

    adds 20 pilot model (character) repaints for use by the new default pilots; these pilot model repaints can be seen in the cockpit of the aircraft you're flying when selected; further, many of these pilot model repaints can be seen in the User Interface (UI) and cutscenes when the optional Advanced Animations package is added to the NEK and CFS3;

    progress is well advanced I have every country with separate animations its just a matter of paint now and I will be looking for beta testers.

    If anyone has non stock airports ETO 1.50 and they want them added to the cutscenes.xml I can do that if you let me know what one or ones .


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