Could you navigate if this happened in FlightSim?
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Thread: Could you navigate if this happened in FlightSim?

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    Could you navigate if this happened in FlightSim?

    Basically, Carrier Strike Group 4 Is Jamming GPS Across U.S. Southeast Coast

    The impact is real. Sked airline flights up/down the eastern seaboard were having to file VOR island-hopping and coastal routes instead of direct-over-water.

    Interesting discussion, but the question is: Could you get to your destination, (assuming more than 20 miles along the freeway) without an autopilot following a pink line (no GPS ability)?
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    All I need is to have my wife with me. She can tell me exactly where to go. And what to do when I get there!
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    Of course. That's what maps and compasses are for. For getting around, GPS navigation is one of the last ways that I learned, rather than the first.

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    As this would also affect automobiles there are places I could not easily navigate without the trusty GPS. Maps for roads are difficult to come by now.

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