US and Canadian Coast Guard AI Boat Traffic - Post Part 1
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Thread: US and Canadian Coast Guard AI Boat Traffic - Post Part 1

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    US and Canadian Coast Guard AI Boat Traffic - Post Part 1

    I am currently finishing up the documentation for my latest project to be uploaded shortly.
    This will be a paint and traffic file addition to go along with Henrik Nielsen's Global AI Ship Traffic V1.

    All nine of the US Coast Guard's Bay Class icebreaker tugs are represented
    The Canadian Coast Guard 47 foot motor life boats from the Quebec\Atlantic sectors and the British Columbia sector, along with the US Coast Guard First District 47 foot motor life boats (New England) are represented.
    CCG Great Lakes and remaining USCG Districts will come later.

    The homeports of all the vessels may not be the current, but are as of the period 2009-2018 found via the web.
    The traffic file routes are entirely fictitious. All were made so as to be able to find the vessels close to shore. In most cases they are very hard to see if you fly above 2000 feet. The routes have been made with the consideration of using ORBX Vector, ORBX NA landclass and Pilots 2008 mesh products. I can't guarantee the vessels will not run aground (and disappear) with the generic FSX/P3D scenery.

    Both Hendrik Nielsen and Jean-Pierre Fillion have given permission to include their ship/boat models with the project and I thank them greatly.

    What is in this addition:

    Ship traffic files :
    - traffic_US Coast Guard Bay Class tugs

    - traffic_US Coast Guard 47ft MLB DIST 1

    See Post Part 2

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    US and Canadian Coast Guard AI Boat Traffic - Post Part 2

    - traffic_Canadian Coast Guard 47ft MLB East

    - traffic_Canadian Coast Guard 47ft MLB West

    8 repaints of Henrik's USCG Bay Class icebreaking tug model.
    - USCGC Katmai Bay - WTGB 101 - Homeport - Sault St. Marie MI
    - USCGC Bristol Bay - WTGB 102 - Homeport - Detroit MI
    - USCGC Mobile Bay - WTGB 103 - Homeport - Sturgeon Bay WI
    - USCGC Biscayne Bay - WTGB 104 - Homeport - St. Ignace MI
    - USCGC Neah Bay - WTGB 105 - Homeport - Cleveland OH
    - USCGC Morro Bay - WTGB 106 - Homeport - Cleveland OH
    - USCGC Penobscot Bay - WTGB 107 - Homeport - Bayonne NJ
    - USCGC Thunder Bay - WTGB 108 - Homeport - Rockland ME
    - USCGC Sturgeon Bay - WTGB 109 - Homeport - Bayonne NJ**
    **Original paint by Henrik.

    21 repaints of Jean-Pierre Fillion's 47 ft Motor Life Boat model
    - CCGS_47_MLB_Cape Caution - Homeport - Powell River, BC
    - CCGS_47_MLB_Cape Fox - Homeport - Lark Harbor, NF
    - CCGS_47_MLB_Cape Norman - Homeport - Port au Choix, NF
    - CCGS_47_MLB_Cap Perce - Homeport - Kegashka, QU
    - CCGS_47_MLB_Cap de Rabast - Homeport - Havre-Saint-Pierre, QU
    - CCGS_47_MLB_Cap dEspoire - Homeport - Tadoussac, QU
    - CCGS_47_MLB_Cap Toutmente - Homeport - Quebec City, QU
    - CCGS_47_MLB_Cap Rozier - Homeport - Riviere-au-Renard, QU
    - CCGS_47_MLB_Cap Breton - Homeport - Shippagan, NB
    - CCGS_47_MLB_Cap Nord - Homeport - Summerside, PEI
    - CCGS_47_MLB_Cape Spry - Homeport - Souris, PEI
    - CCGS_47_MLB_Cape Ann - Homeport - Trofino, BC
    - CCGS_47_MLB_Cape Edensaw - Homeport - Powell River, BC
    - CCGS_47_MLB_Cape Cockburn - Homeport - French Creek, BC
    - CCGS_47_MLB_Cape Farewell - Homeport - Bella Bella, BC
    - CCGS_47_MLB_Cape Kuper - Homeport - Ganges, BC
    - CCGS_47_MLB_Cape McKay - Homeport - Bamfield, BC
    - CCGS_47_MLB_Cape Mudge - Homeport - Sandspit, BC
    - CCGS_47_MLB_Cape Sutil - Homeport - Port Hardy, BC
    - CCGS_47_MLB_Cape Calvert - Homeport - Victoria, BC
    - CCGS_47_MLB_Cape StJames - Homeport - Patrica Bay, BC

    1 repaint of Jean-Pierre Fillion's 47 ft Motor Life Boat model
    - USCG_47_MLB 47290 (one generic paint - I wasn't about to paint all 250+ MLB)
    Homeports - Jonesport, ME - Rockport, ME - Portland, ME - Portsmouth, NH - Merrimac River, MA - Gloucester, MA - Point Allerton, MA
    Provincetown, MA - Brant Point, MA (Nantucket) - Block Island, RI - Shinnecock, NY - Moriches, NY - Sandy Hook, NY

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    Thanks Jim!

    The Falcon 20 has kindled an interest in Coast Guard flying along our two countries respective coastlines. The west coast, where I live interests me particularly, and with a great friend of mine who’s a CCG diver gravely injured on the job and fighting for his life, this type of flying has become especially of interest.

    Look forward to this and any West Coast and/or Canadian vessel traffic your project may one day entail.

    All the best and thanks in advance for a great project.


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    Uploaded to library.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -2019-feb-11-003.jpg  

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    Thank you very much jmbiii for these much needed additions. I can't wait to install and observe them on patrol along the New England coast. Again thank you very much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmbiii View Post
    Uploaded to library.
    Great to see this additional use of the models
    Best regards

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    Thanks, Henrik,

    I finally got around to cleaning up the routes and putting it together to upload.



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    Revised traffic file for 'Traffic_CCG 47_West.bgl'.

    My apologies to all who downloaded the original version and to the
    Canadian Coast Guard. I made a single line mistake which did not
    allow all the MLB's to appear and the ones that did were in the
    wrong place.

    I just uploaded the repair to this problem: simply unzip the 'traffic_CCG'
    and replace the original with the one in this zip.

    All the CCG Motor Life Boats will appear.

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