Released: Aerofly FS2 F104G Starfighter 1.0.0 Freeware
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Thread: Released: Aerofly FS2 F104G Starfighter 1.0.0 Freeware

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    Released: Aerofly FS2 F104G Starfighter 1.0.0 Freeware

    Yet another free plane for testers to putt-putt around in....

    From Aerofly user Larrylynx


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    F104G Starfighter 1.1 1.1

    Starfighter version 1.1

    Fixes...Autopilot now works and Position homing needle behaves correctly, new model for switch interaction. Controls move in non VR. New specular textures from Matt and as ever, lots of input from Jetpack

    COLD and DARK ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

    In preparation for the time when FS2 supports turning off jet engines the Starfighter now loads in a cold and dark state, sort of. The engine is still running and the sounds are still there but as much as I can it looks like it's cold and dark. Remember cold and dark is only at a parking bay or after a model re-load if your have that option. All switches are now in the off position, all gauges read zero, the annunciators are all off, VHF repeater is off and the moving map is also off (or so it seems), would like the hud to be off but I can't

    On switching on the battery, lower left of MIP, the engine instantly goes to idle, where it was anyway it just didn't look like it.

    Turn on the moving map, bottom right switch on moving map, moving Map brightness needs to be turned up via the top left knob. If the zoom doesn't work you forgot to turn on the moving map.

    Other switches to help extinguish the annunciators,

    Fuel cut off (Fuel panel, left console, you'll find it)
    Both generators (below CWP, you'll find these too)
    Autopilot on and altitude hold (left console, guess what), can leave off, see below
    Strobe lights ( small bracket on left canopy rail, also has hook down, yes the hook works, no seriously it does, have a look outside)
    Navigation lights (right console, there somewhere, keep looking)
    All other switches can be moved to the correct position if you so desire.


    Autopilot...bit of a basic setup on the old girl, well it is older than me, by a few days.

    1. First you need to make sure you turn it on (rocket science now). DO NOT turn on, on the ground, it will stop any pitch inputs you make, making it difficult to take off. Once turned on in the air, again no pitch input so try to be trimmed in level flight
    2. Altitude you desired alt turn it on via alt hold switch (I said it was basic), to change altitude, turn off alt hold switch, go to the new alt and turn it on again (now you can't get more basic than that)
    2. Heading hold/course select (yes its got one so not that basic eh) turn on via the right hand rotary knob on autopilot panel. Heading can be selected via the left hand knob or the lower right hand knob on the homing gauge, little arrow gives the heading you select. Sometimes it doesn't work first time (now it's authentic) so you may need to activate the knob a few times. Bank is limited to 20 degrees.
    4. If you go to fast with the autopilot on (450 knts plus), it gets interesting. Throw out the airbrakes and reduce throttle till you slow down. In Vr or one of those motion seats look for the sick bag
    5. No doubt the errors could be corrected in time but I kinda like it where it's not perfect, we are talking about 50's and 60's technology, so get used to it

    VR Pilot and controls in VR do not move, can't move pilot so controls locked. You can always use a non VR TMD if you want to waggle your stick.

    Not a big update, just trying to give you that feeling as though your in something you can interact with rather than just being in something. No more updates until IPACS introduce jet engine shutdown

    Oh Yeah...Don't run out of have been warned, big grin.....take off flaps and steep approach, landing flaps and gear when you know your in



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