Manfred Jahn's L-749 and L-1049 Constellations
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Thread: Manfred Jahn's L-749 and L-1049 Constellations

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    Manfred Jahn's L-749 and L-1049 Constellations

    Is it possible, using the same techniques that have given us our beautiful Lockheed Lodestars, to convert Manfred's equally beautiful L-749's and L-1049's to native models? I understand (I think) the effort that would be required - but if there is no obstacle to the conversion, then I encourage a similar team effort.

    I only ignore his L-049's because of the A2A version.

    Best regards to you all,


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    Ooh, how I have longed for that to happen!
    Well I've been to one World Fair a picnic and a rodeo and that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard come over a set of earphones.

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    I think there has been FSX version for that. Check out CalClassics forums to see if I am correct or not. BTW, I have been flying Jahn's Constellations on FSX without problems.

    The Calclassics forums are at:



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    Hi Aahron,

    I can also fly it in FSX, but the model is NOT a native model ,doesn't have a separate VC model file etc. That is what is needed.


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