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    Win 10

    I just ordered (and received) a copy of Win 10 Home on a USB stick. Does anyone know if the data on the USB
    could be archived onto DVD disks? Read a lot about how Win 10 upgrades all the time; if there a way to turn that feature off?

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    You can stop windows 10 from updating automatically by setting the network interfaces WIFI or Ethernet to "Metered Connection". WIFI is a pain in the *** because you have to set it for every WIFI account you connect to. Still even when you have the connections set to Metered you still get updates at times.

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    I like Win 10. The updates have gone smoothly except for sound problems. Between Win 10 & Nvidia updates, I constantly had to reconfigure my sound settings as I was using a Sound Blaster ZX card. Well, the most recent Win 10 update really messed things up. I even got Creative support involved, and THEY couldn't solve the issues. I gave up trying to fix things. Am using the motherboard sound, and all is good. The sound was better with the Sound Blaster card, but I guess Bill Gates had other plans. NC
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    No need to backup the USB up as you can download the latest version of wins10 for free from Microsoft.
    You will need to use the Media Creation Tool and either use the same USB or a new one. Make sure to d/l
    the same version that you installed as your key will only work with that version.
    As for updates do as Dave posted and set your connection to metered connection. And for video drivers
    set wins-update to NOT install new ones. Doing this will save you from all the headaches wins-update can cause.

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    also another thing to note - DO NOT click the "check for updates" button anymore, doing so will, in the eyes of microsoft, class you as an "advanced" user, so you'll get beta releases pushed onto you instead of "stable" builds.

    To be fair though i've had little issues with win10, most issues i've had have been with 3rd party software that MS has no controll over.
    yes i know i cant spell half the time! Thank you kindly to those few who pointed that out

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