This is a way of getting a really darker night for night missions and in fact can be used for any install.
I should point out that if the night version is used in daytime, and in the QC UI video, the appearance will have a blueish purple tinge.

Install method

1. Open the 'To Install main folder' and copy all into your main install folder.
2. I am assuming you want to keep your own shaders as the DAY shaders version so the default is that "DAY shaders" are already installed as 'shaders30' and 'd3d8.cfg' So I have only provided a 'NIGHTshaders30' folder and a 'NIGHTd3d8.cfg' file
3. The 2 batch (.bat) files also go into the main install. You then make shortcuts on your destop for those and place them in the 'Shaders Batch files Short cuts' folder which you can then place whereever you keep your other CFS3 shortcuts. Delete the shortcuts in the folder now as they are just an example.

Now if you want night missions just operate the DAY shaders to NIGHT shaders - Shortcut or whatever, and the shaders 30 and d3d8.cfg files should be swapped and your regular ones renamed DAYxxxxx and so on.

The d3d8.dll file need not be changed AFAIK!
I have added my day shaders set; ETOshaders30 and ETOd3d8.cfg, should you want to look at them, BUT back up/re name your regular ones; i.e. shaders30BU, etc.