Which aircraft is this?
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Thread: Which aircraft is this?

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    Which aircraft is this?

    Hey everyone

    I was watching a youtube video and seen this, the author put Mig-21 but as I know Mig-21 have other wings, and I dont remember which aircraft is this one, anyone know?
    And how that wing's wheels will release down between these missiles? Is this just a photoshop rework?

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    What look like wheels are actually the roundels. The wheels retract into the fuselage.

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    The MiG-21 (and it's J-7/F-7 derivatives) landing gear is inward-retracting, not outward, as jmbiii correctly points out.

    Here's some good shots of a whole bunch of MiG-21s, which show the landing gear in various stages of deployment and from many angles.




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    The later J-7 variants are not the final evolution of the basic MiG-21 design.


    I'd learn mandarin for a flightsim rendition of that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bjoern View Post
    The later J-7 variants are not the final evolution of the basic MiG-21 design.
    Looks like they put the nose section of a scrapped F-5 to good use.

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    But it does certainly look good!

    Somehow it looks like a Hawk with Flanker-lines...

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