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    Coming soon to uploads/missions

    I have uploaded to Warbirds so it should be available by tomorrow latest,

    When I have been doing missions, it has often been irritating that I have to redraw front lines at ceratin periods in the war. With this in mind, I have done template missions just with front lines and the one required aircraft of some sort.
    I have not covered the Battle for Poland or the North Western European countries as they are not really on the CFS3 map. Nor have I done any MAW Front Lines as I rarely use MAW. Of course the front lines were more fluid than represented, nor are mine 100% accurate, but they probably suffice for air warfare!
    Nor am I the only one who has worked on front lines. Loic ‘Led Zepplin’ Bourdais also did several for the D day period, and I have included, with his permission, both very stripped down versions from his missions and his Template D days ones from ETO Era 4. Anything with an ‘LBS’ prefix is his originally.

    One very good link passed to me by Loic is
    which give s great map information for WWII and many other historical military maps. I have used versions of those myself and have included maps in this upload.

    The main periods covered are BOF for ETO Era 1, D-Day and onward for Eras 4 and 5. Of course they can be used in non ETO European theatre installs. For ETO add them to the appropriate era mission folder(s)

    Any comments or questions please contact me at SOH


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