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Thread: AI NIMITZ not a Nimitz class

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    AI NIMITZ not a Nimitz class

    Dear all,
    this is just a info for all the carriers ops enthusiasts. The tool AICarriers2 or the .Net version does not provide you the great carrier NIMITZ
    model from Javier Fernandez. The tool presents you just the standard FSX carrier ( old class ) with a texture repaint for the numbers 68/69
    indicating, that this is a NIMITZ model carrier. Below a pic where you can see the difference:

    The real NIMITZ class carrier is much more bigger in size and the model from Javier is by far a much more higher quality. However, the two
    tools provides at least a moving carrier group on the location you want.


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    Thanks for the side by side. Scale issue.

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    It all depends on which config file you use in AICarriers.
    By default, you're right, 100%.
    But when you install Javier's Nimitz V2, it comes with it's own, pre-made, .cfg file, named cvn_68_69.cfg, for AICarriers. If you place it into the conf.d folder under AICarriers, it WILL show Javier's Nimitz, in all it's variations. There are many, too...

    I took and broke the included .cfg file, cvn_68_69.cfg, out into a few different, smaller sized config files. I hate having to search through page after page in the SHFT+J menu, so I keep the .cfg files a reasonable size, or just make my own so I can have the boat(s), in the formations I desire. I swap them in and out of the conf.d folder as needed.

    You can also create your own .cfg files to show one, or more, of Javier's Nimitz boats you desire, and in any sort of formation, distance apart, boats included, the whole nine.

    Something to watch out for, too: If you're going to land on a Nimitz version with parked planes anywhere near the angle deck, you have to turn crash detection off, or you'll get a crash on every landing. Crash boxes too big.

    But anywho, AICarriers can only display what you tell it to. If you want it to display Javier's Nimitz v2, you have to tell it how, if you see what I mean.

    Have fun!
    Fly Free, always!
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    Hi Pat,
    you are 100 % correct too. If the Javier carriers are installed in addition and the corresponding .cfg file is been used in the tool,
    the Javier NIMITZ will show up in the sim. Thanks for this additional clarification.


  5. #5 can also replace the default Nimitz AI with Javier's model (and textures) - works like a charm!

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    TRUE ! I have done it also. Works great with no problems. However, there is one draw back. If you use Jivco's special HUD with the ILS
    function, you have no longer the range of about 400 nm in order to find the carrier. You are now limited with the standard FSX boats traffic
    range of about just 50 nm. Greater of 50 nm the ILS display disappears as well as any radar display. The boats Ai are just gone. The next trouble
    is to find your carrier again, even if you are back in a position close to the carrier let's say 20 nm. The boat traffic will not show up until you
    use the FSX CMD bar, click on World/Time Season . Now the traffic is back. I tested it back and forth when I did my MECOPS scenery, so I
    decided for a static carrier approach. However, with the AIcarrier2 tool the problem is solved at least in the range of the HUD from Jivco means
    400 nm in this case.


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