Questions about Steve's DX10 fixer?
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Thread: Questions about Steve's DX10 fixer?

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    Questions about Steve's DX10 fixer?

    I've got some questions to ask about Steve's DX10 fixer. I've just started to use the cockpit shadows and it's awesome and I want to keep using it, and I'd like to make it better with the DX10 fixer if it's possible.

    Would the DX10 fixer work on my DX12 setup on my W10 machine? Is there an app I can download to see if it can work or not? DX12 works very well and I understand it's a smoother running DX version as well.

    Would I need to put DX10 in my setup for it to work properly? Can it wipe out my DX12 setup or would I still retain it and still use DX10 alonside DX12?

    THanks in advance

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    Your system already has DX9+10+11+12 (and maybe older versions, too), so if FSX works in DX10 mode then Steve's DX10 fixer will work.

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    Thanks, good to know that all the previous DX versions are already on my W10 machine.

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