Duxford visit pics
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Thread: Duxford visit pics

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    Duxford visit pics

    I was at a loose end in the no-mans land between X-mas and New year, figured i'd visit Duxford museum as i have'nt been for about 18 months. Though i'd post a few pics of one new addition to the fleet of airworthy warbirds, P47 Nellie has been there about a year, but this is the first time ive seen it up close.
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    A few other pics including "how to gift wrap a Gladiator" and an impressive looking Victor V bomber stripped back to bare metal prior to repainting. Also, a very smart Italian biplane restoration that i had'nt seen before---
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    And just a few other's you may like, i did'nt take to many, ive visited Dux many time's over the years and have tons of pics which i may sort one of these days and make an album, or there again maybe not
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    Thank you for posting these Ian!

    The Fiat Cr.42 Falco (originally a Swedish Air Force J-11, as the Cr.42 was known in Swedish service) is owned by The Fighter Collection and has been under restoration, to fly, for many years (since 1995), with time spent in and out of Duxford. During its lengthy restoration, the fuselage was restored in Italy, and eventually, after being brought back to Duxford, with the major airframe work completed, the aircraft was sent out to Vintage Fabrics in 2012 for final fitting-out/covering/completion. The aircraft just arrived back to Duxford this past summer, looking as you see it now. Vintech has been responsible for the engine work. It is very close to completion, but is still in need of a few final parts I believe, and probably a lot of final paperwork and of course engine runs when all is ready. Hopefully we'll see it fly in 2019! It is one of only four complete surviving examples.

    I recall that The Fighter Collection's Gloster Gladiator had some engine issues during a trip to France early this past year and eventually they had to just ship it back to Duxford (reason for it missing its wings right now).

    The P-47 "Nellie", TF-51D "Contrary Mary" and the Sea Fury are owned by Graham Peacock (Anglia Aircraft Restorations) and call Duxford their residence, but also spend time at Sywell with Air Leasing, for any/all maintenance needs (Graham Peacock also owns Buchon G-AWHH, the Spitfire Mk.V EE602, and the Hurricane P2902, which can also often be seen at Duxford, as well as a few Hawker Tempest projects and I believe a Bf-109G-6 project, also at Air Leasing). Both the Spitfire Mk.XI PL983 (owned by ARCo) and Hawker Hurricane V7497 (owned by Hangar 501) are restorations that were just completed this past year.

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