This is a video from Golden Eagle films about the Camp Fire,they have many,but this one is one of the better ones in my eyes.she is doing stories of what happened to the people during the fire.explained a few things to the school bus that had been shoved off the road after the road got blocked,about who was on it i should say,those cars and the bus were off into the ditch and shoved around due to a dozer having pushed them to the side to open the road up.the people went through a hell of alot more then most know.or maybe i should say,did more for one another than most know.ive worked many large fires,but nothing like this,and ive never been in anything where the citizens were being over run in so many areas all at once.must have been incredible to experience.i enjoyed fire fighting and the more intense or scary a situation was,the i enjoyed it,the seems odd for the to see,hard to explain,i wont say i was or am a thrill seeker,but i do do better when theres some fear anyone knows who the Deegans family is,,,that was me in my cousin was a real jerk,and one time he had bought a new motorcycle (his parents did) and he had been at me all day,he was bigger and thought he should bully me..worked back then,,i was about 12,anyway,he "dared" me to ride the bike down a hill ,it was very steep and most of the kids were afraid to do it, was nothying when you look at it i got on the bike and promply road it off a cliff next to the trail,totaled the bike,nearly totaled me..but damn it felt good and was fun,id never have done it on anything i owned,,but this jerks bnike didnt mater to easy way to tell ive writen something in the morning..just read one of my rambling word salads...trump isnt the only one eh?