AI Carriers 2 waypoint function crashes app in multiplayer
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Thread: AI Carriers 2 waypoint function crashes app in multiplayer

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    AI Carriers 2 waypoint function crashes app in multiplayer

    I'm trying to get carrier operations to work in fsx steam multiplayer. The best way I read was to use the AI carriers utility and use the facility waypoint to have everybody place the carrier in the same spot. AI Carriers 2 works perfectly for me in single player, but when I try to use the waypoint placement in multiplayer AI Carriers shuts down. Then I'm unable to open it with Shift J and it disappears from my FSUIPC menu. I can go to my game files and click on the AI Carriers exe and get it to back up and running without restarting the game.

    In multiplayer I can place the carrier in all the other positions. User position, 1 mile, 5 and 10 miles ahead. It's just when I try to place it with the waypoint it shuts the app down. Currently my best option is to have everybody turn their crash off, gather in one spot, then place the carrier at their location. Then all the carriers are all almost in the same spot, but it's always on land and we cannot get our carriers to move forward.

    I'm running Windows 8.1
    We've tried running FSX and AI carriers as administrator

    everyone used this download it comes with AI Carriers 2 and automatically installs everything.

    UPDATE: I was able to use the waypoint function in multiplayer from the host machine(mine). I went and double checked one of the other computers and it turns out the waypoint shuts down AICarriers even in single player mode. For some reason it's not properly installed. I just got done reinstalling FSX, FSUIPC, and AICarriers2 with the original software and the software included in the link above(It comes with AIC2). That computer still has the issue. I installed it the same way I installed it on mine and something is wrong. Any ideas of what I can do?

    Any suggustions?
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    had that same problem, after trying everything yesterday I found the solution, after you spawn, go to World->Map, then just close the map, the problem is somehow the waypoints are not being loaded, so opening and closing the map before using aicarriers will make them load and be visible to the plugin

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    Two things:
    As to the Map: When you are "in the world", open up the sim's Map, but when you go to close it, ensure you use the OK button, not the CANCEL. This will load up all the info AICarriers, not to mention TacPack, needs to be in the computer's memory.

    Second, and most important: go to this site , and download Orion's AICarriers.NET. It's installation, and functionality, is identical to the old Java version. AICarriers.NET, however, uses the .NET Framework instead of the Java environment. It runs a lot better, especially with FSX:SE, and the various P3D version. It uses a lot less of the computer's resources, and is much more reliable.
    Look down the page for the correct .NET Framework version. Install that, and then AICarriers. Loose the older one. You'll never look back.

    A small side note: The .NET Framework installer can take a long time to run, and may even appear to lock up. It's NOT locked. Just leave it alone once you start it, and wait until it shows complete. It can even take 15-20 minutes to install. Great time to take a short walk, or nap, or get some coffee, a sandwich, whatever.

    Ensure you always run AICarriers as Administrator, by the way.

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    But isn't the .NET version of AICarriers V1, whereas the other is now up to version 2.2?

    What's the difference between the various versions?

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