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Thread: Carenado Sale

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    Carenado Sale

    Christmas 50% off sale on their products at Flight One and probably other sites. Limited time sales, only about 8 days or so.

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    Same thing at Justflight as well with up to 70% off.

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    I have JustFlight points to spend, but I'm still on the fence about whether to get the 1900D, B200 or Phenom.

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    Any recommendations? I haven't looked at Carenado since my time in FS9.

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    for XPlane?? The Carenado S550 Citation II. Looks like a big Mustang with thrust reverser's and flies like a big Mustang with thrust reversers ( I land it at Sisters Eagle Air ( 6K5 )). immaculate cockpit, very nicely done PBR, G1000 nav system, It's a real pleasure to fly..

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    I agree with Pam. Also check out that B200...WOW-SURPRISING!
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    I could have sworn I saw 2 Carenado business jets for X plane on sale, but now can only find the Phenom 100 on sale. I must have been day dreaming. It's OK, I didn't really need another aircraft but thought another bigger business jet would be nice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bjoern View Post
    I have JustFlight points to spend, but I'm still on the fence about whether to get the 1900D, B200 or Phenom.
    Did you decide yet Bjoern? I was always a fan of the B1900D, and have that in FSX/P3D. I always like slightly odd looking aircraft, and the B1900D is no swan .

    I also just used my JF points recently to get Drzewiecki Design's EPWA for XP11 for nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotth6 View Post
    Did you decide yet Bjoern?
    Yep. Going for none.

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    Picked up my first payware aircraft for xp-11, the Beech 1900.
    A strange looking beast but extremely well do. The BPR is outstanding. Wish that the turbo commander was on sale, reviews have been very positive.

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