Force feedback in FSX is awesome!!!
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Thread: Force feedback in FSX is awesome!!!

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    Force feedback in FSX is awesome!!!

    A couple months ago, I bought a Sidewinder 2 force feedback joystick off of EBay, to use with P3D. It works quite well (except that one of the buttons no longer works, darn it). I have FSX Steam Edition installed, but had not used it in quite a while, until last evening.

    WOW!!! Force feedback in FSX is intense!!!

    Somewhere I had read that was the case, but I am here to tell ya, it is amazing!! I feel like I have "reinvigorated" Fsx . I use P3D mostly, but will be using Fsx now a lot more now than I was! NC

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    Icon26 FsForce

    Hi Navy Chief,
    I totally agree that force feedback makes a huge difference to flying giving you much more information about what the plane is doing. Try going vertical until you lose all force and control in the stick and you really feel that you are in a situation that you should not be. Holding something like a P-51 on the edge of an accelerated stall as you feel it trying to get a way from you is quite interesting.
    There is an add-on program called FsForce that I would strongly recommend. There is a trial version that just restricts you to one area but other wise is fully functional. Fsforce adds quite a lot to the experience and corrects some of the force handling in FSX eg so you can trim by the feel in the stick etc. You also start to feel the quality of your landings, feel gear turbulence and thumps as it extends and retracts and many other effects.
    Enjoy your new world.


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    +1 for FSForce!

    I, too have a Sidewinder 2 with a broken button. I don't know of anything available to replace it.

    But for sure, whenever I have had to re-install FSX, the very first add-on I re-install is FS Force.

    The developer, Russel Dirks, is always there to help.

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    Another shout here for FS Force. Once you try it you'll realise that the default forces are really not very realistic at all.

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    Yep. Bought it for FSX SE, AND P3D! NC

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