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Thread: Vertical Reality Simulations 25% Black Friday Discount

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    Vertical Reality Simulations 25% Black Friday Discount

    Vertical Reality Simulations 25% Black Friday Discount


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    "Try to stay in the middle of the air. Do not go near the edges of it. The edges of the air can be recognized by the appearance of ground, buildings, sea, trees and interstellar space. It is much more difficult to fly there".

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    Are the Geopacks any good? Looked at the screenshots and some (rather old) youtube videos and I'm not really that impressed I must say.
    Anyone here has first hand experience?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dondy View Post
    Are the Geopacks any good? Looked at the screenshots and some (rather old) youtube videos and I'm not really that impressed I must say.
    Anyone here has first hand experience?
    It's really the same as photoscenery, whereas they look great from higher altitudes, but lack greater details when flying lower and slower. Designed for higher frame rates and provide more realistic landmarks, as they are often taken from satellite type sources. If you have used scenery types such as the Orbx series, the details will no way be even close. However, because they are of more obscure but of military relevance, there is an appeal to some that want to see the lesser auto gen populated but visually more accurate terrain while conducting combat type operations.

    I myself, having not given much thought to photoscenery after realizing their lack of autogen resouorces working properly, decided long ago to give them a pass. However, I could be wrong and some of the newer autogen works better now. I am confident others will chime in and correct me if wrong. I did look at them and thought about them, simply because the relevance they have to current modern military scenarios. other Stryker is a 2019 Challenger Hellcat Redeye.....


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    Back with VRS F-18

    When VRS announced their P3D 64 bit pricing plan I was disappointed. They do, however, have a product in TacPac that is difficult to operate without if your sim experience involves military aircraft. After a couple weeks I bought TacPac.

    Despite having the DCS F-18, I still missed the VRS F-18 in P3Dv4, so I used this sale as an excuse to buy it. I am many miles away from my sim computer for awhile, so I can't fly my new purchase, but I am using the opportunity to review the VRS documentation. The documentation (in the form of a WIKI) is really very, very good and I would venture to say the best for any sim product. (I am not saying other developers don't supply good documentation, I am just saying I thought VRS was exceptional.)

    If you are looking for a sim product that is well documented (so you can figure out on your own where you fouled up) take advantage of this sale. (I had the F-18 in FSX, so I have an inkling that I'm going to enjoy it in P3Dv4.)

    P.S. Having read the documentation, l know that the F-18E is a different aircraft than the DCS F-18. It is about 30% bigger with enhanced / improved systems. I now don't feel as if I have a duplicate aircraft!
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    If I'm not mistaken, their photorealistic sceneries are only 15m/pixel, which is totally ridiculous and useless. I do not recommend buying any of these packages.

    For info, usual photorealistic sceneries use a resolution of 1m/pixel, which is the same as default textures.
    While I understand such a resolution would be way to heavy to cover such large areas, a resolution of 5m/pixel (like in FS9) would have been a much better balance.

    For anybody who do not have TacPack or the F/A-18, I strongly recommend them.
    The TacPack is in use in a lot of military aircraft made by other editors (MilViz, Dino, Aerosoft...).
    The F/A-18 is definitely the best military jet aircraft ever made for FSX or P3D.

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