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    Flaps still difficult - WIP model V3

    Happy New Year to all!
    With the two components (wing and flap) on either side of the nacelle,
    improving the existing glue sequence so that the outer flap does not interfere
    with the outer wing is still very elusive.

    The AF99 logic behind this I bet would even escape the capacities of Sophie,
    although it IS remarkable how politely and diplomatically she reacted to the
    stroppy university interviewer. Maybe Sophie should be the interviewer, or perhaps
    better, a teacher at the university, instead of a student. This way she could teach
    some manners, and also suggest ways for students not to shoot their peers...

    Anyway, back to the Tigercat:
    Now, as Iīd already feared, even with the wing in 3 sections - inner and mid with
    their flaps, and outer, there are still problems, also with the nacelle in left and
    right halves (which Iīve discarded).

    Parts Count is at 126.8. There are still 2 components and 12 structures free.

    Instead of the outer flap bleeding through the outer wing, it is now the nacelle
    end that makes it disappear. Other arrangements make other things disappear.

    Then, more glue-frugal building sequences involving all possible groups in the wing
    area only yield worse results.

    I still have to try out adding insignia flap parts somewhere, although that will probably
    also be conflictive because they will also cause problems from some viewpoints...

    So anyway, for the moment, hereīs WIP model Version 3.
    Itīs definitely better than before!

    It has transparent, inhabited cockpit with provisional dashboard, and also working flaps,
    whose display isnīt perfect though. Then, underneath nacelle-wingroots and upper cabin
    spars in VC view still need a bit of work.

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    Improved wing glue-sequence

    Hello All,
    As I mentioned before, there is a glue problem at the engine nacelles, where outer
    flaps and central and outer wing sections must be glued. Upto now, all wing/flap/nacelle
    elements are in Wing Mid left/right.

    However, there IS a combination with another group that offers a little improvement.
    Splitting the sequence in two, and combining it with Inner Wing Mid left/right, it improves:

    Wing Mid left/right now only groups outer wing/flap elements (central wing sections,
    outer flaps and outer wings).

    Innerwing Mid left/right now groups inner wing/flap elements, engine-nacelles, and the
    little wing-top convexities.

    Flaps now display properly, both retracted and extended, and the wing-top convexities too.
    However, as AF99 now uses automatic glue between the two groups, thereīs a slight,
    momentary bleed between nacelles and central wing sections.

    Nevertheless, it all looks much better, and quite promising...

    Update: I tried using separated inner and outer nacelle-half components again, this time
    in the new glue sequences mentioned above, but it only brought back the previous
    flap/nacelle bleeds.

    So, the lesser evil seems to be the momentary outer nacelle-wall bleeding through the wing
    when viewed from vertically above, which is not a commonly used viewing angle anyway. Also,
    with the dark-blue colour scheme on this model, I suppose this small flaw will go largely unnoticed.

    Iīll get on with the wheel wells and doors now, and then start on the textures.
    More, later...
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    Negligible nacelle bleeds

    Hello All,
    I found a FS98 example from 1999, of the Tigercat in Navy-blue livery by Chris Lampard,
    with rather good textures.

    I am loosely basing the textures for the CFS1 Tigercat on these, lightening up the overall
    colour slightly, adapting the texture mapping to fit, and changing the markings.

    As expected, once textured, the nacelle bleeds virtually disappear, as the nacelles are
    textured in the same dark-blue as the wings.

    Here are some "after-before" screenshots.
    The one on the right (furthermost) has the yellow-coloured, untextured nacelles bleeding
    through the top wings, and the one on the left (furthermost) shows how the textures
    conceal the bleeds.

    So thatīs one problem solved, that was still bothering me to some extent.
    Even for a possible re-paint of the model in silver-grey likefor example the "Test" prototype
    Tigercat, the bleeds would also go unnoticed.

    Then, the centre screenshot shows texture progress on wings, fin and tailplanes.
    I got the typeface correct this time!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Nacellebleed-2.jpg   textured some.jpg   Nacellebleed-1.jpg  
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    Wheel-door/ Engine-nacelle bleeds

    Hello Folks,
    Slowly things are coming together, and I still have to decide on the registration number.

    Candidates for this F7F-1 model are either number 99, with the number only on the tail,
    and not on the wings, engine nacelles or nose, or alternatively number 01, with numbers
    painted on the fin and on the nose. Possibly Iīll go for the 01.

    At the moment, thereīs bleed-battles between wheel doors and engine nacelles.
    Wheel-wells seem OK grouped in Wing Low left/right, but wheel-doors make problems there,
    despite glue templates. Similar problems also arise if grouped with the landing gear in
    Gear Left/Right, with inner-doors in Gear Centre, or also, grouped in Innerwing Mid Left/Right,
    glued in sequence with the nacelles.

    The problems in these 3 available grouping methods seem to be caused on one hand, by the
    low-reaching engine-nacelles, and on the other, by the the landing gear being positioned right
    at the front of the wheel doors. So, Iīll have to see if I can at least find a lesser evil...

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    Improvements very slow...

    Hello all,
    A small but dubious improvement was a 4th grouping method, involving engine-nacelles grouped in
    Wing Low Left/right and sequenced with wheel-wells and doors, eliminating the Nacelle/Door interaction,
    leaving only a Gearstrut/Door one.

    However, it ruined the rather nicely-working sequence achieved previously, that properly displayed inner
    and outer flaps with the nacelle in-between.

    Sixpence of one and half a shilling of the other...

    Update - Surprisingly, quite an improvement:
    Iīve just moved the gear-doors and wells from Wing Low left/right back into Innerwing Mid Left/right again,
    but with a more precise glue-sequence, so this time it has worked much better!

    Flaps, nacelles and wheel doors display correctly. It is a combination of the positive results of the last two trials.
    Now the only a remaining minor issue is the landing gear struts shining through the wheel doors.

    Expectedly, duplicating the wheel-doors into the landing-gear groups as insignia parts did the trick.
    Itīs not perfect on the inner wheel-door, but it will have to suffice.

    Update 2 - Still not perfect:
    Yet another glitch: The inner wing shines through the nacelles! Thereīs always the kicker, isnīt there?
    So many parts in the Innerwing Mid left/right groups now, that itīs got very complicated.
    Not even duplicating the engine-nacelles works... the nacelles then shine through the inner wings!

    Letīs see if slowly but surely we can get what we want... Maybe some mumbo-jumbo will work.
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    Time for another WIP model!

    Hello Folks,
    Although there is still a considerable amount of work to be done, I think the improvements so
    far warrant another WIP model post.
    Itīs not going too badly, which is very pleasing.

    The main aspect still needing work are the hairline cracks and fine adjustments of parts in several different areas of the model.
    These defects are now more apparent given the dark-blue navy textures the aircraft now has.

    The model is now fully textured with provisional No. 99 Navy textures, but the panelling still needs to be improved.
    There were lots of adjustments and alterations made to the textures of the FS98 Tigercat by Chris Lampard, so the resemblance has practically disappeared, although they proved very useful as a starting point and guideline.

    Summarizing over the previous WIP-V3, in Version 4:
    -Wheelwells and geardoors have been put in, and display is reasonably acceptable, although there are still some minor bleeds of geardoors through the wing seen from above, and also through the propeller disc, although this last thing will be a bit hard to solve.
    - Flaps display has been improved, and the glue sequences involved are more effective.
    - The .air file has been improved a bit further as regards wheel stance on the tarmac. Suggestions as to aircraft behaviour will be welcome.
    As before:
    - Panel is aliased to that of P51D Mustang.
    - Sound is aliased to that of the P47D Thunderbolt.

    So... Those interested can have fun and play around with the model, and also have a peek inside if they are so inclined.
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