Combat Flight Simulator - Battle For Midway add on,....
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Thread: Combat Flight Simulator - Battle For Midway add on,....

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    Combat Flight Simulator - Battle For Midway add on,....

    hello everyone. does anyone know the above add on for CFS 1? Or is it also for CFS 2? I bought the pacific Theatre from Abacus in 2003, which I liked from the missions for the CFS 1 after all. Is battle around midway to recommend or would it be thrown out money? Currently I could get it as UK import. I always wanted to get it because I have almost all Add Ons for CFS 1. I still like Wings over China the best.

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    Hi ElsnerMarkus,

    Again I discovered that you're never too old to learn . Have never known that there were extra CFS1-packages, like Wings over China. Please tell me where I can find these packages.

    Happy landings,


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    Hello EisnerMarkus, Hertzie,

    I seem to remember that a friend of mine way back had copies of these packages.
    They were published by Abacus. (no real surprise there!)
    If these were the packages that you are using, I believe that some of them were new models that were not available as freeware and were pretty good for the standards of the time. Others look like they were derived from ones that were freeware but since they were modified, Abacus probably contracted with the authors to do the modifications. (This last part is a guess.)

    I personally was not that interested in the packages because by then, I was building my own models (using Abacus Aircraft Factory 99) and figured I could probably do as well if I set my mind to it.
    There were also the missions, but I never actually tried those because I simply don't have a habit of flying packaged missions at all.

    - Ivan.

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    I do not think that Abacus offers them anymore...

    UK Import ?? from who or where?

    I will check my older CDs and see If I have any of those left...
    "Laissez les bon temps rouler"

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    SOH Staff
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    there's a Midway Defenders package
    and Pacific Warriors missions at Simviation;
    these do not appear to be carrier missions.
    sometimes the magic works.
    sometimes it doesn't.

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    Thanks for the info. Never thought of looking THERE. As I said, never too old to learn .


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    Old Commercial Add-Ons

    Here's a place these can be found:

    Wings Over China

    Battle For Midway

    - Ivan.

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