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Thread: RTWR 2019 Interest

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    RTWR 2019 Interest

    To all racers,

    Hope everyone had a great summer!!

    With the race coming up in a few months, we are trying again to gauge interest in the race. As you know, the race will require approximately 10 pilots and I know historically at Sim-Outhouse, you have struggled with numbers. So are we interested in holding an event this year?

    Also, Duenna version 3. Please download it and test it on your PC if you wish to join in the race, the more notice I can get for any potential issues the better.

    If you wish to add ideas on how to reinvigorate this event, please post in the official race forums at http://www.fsrtwrace.com

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    Please let me know if my add on the Free flight site is up to date:

    For Fs2004 and FSX fliers, join a team and race around the world, click image to link


    "Laissez les bon temps rouler"

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    If there be a race, I'll be there.
    - Paul

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    My race laptop blee blew up last month. I will try to cobble something together by then.

    I'm in

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    Looks like I'll be flying for Team SOH again this next go-round.
    Fair skies and following winds,


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    Color me involved for the SOH team again, if they'll have me.
    Y'all made me feel very welcome and at home last year, and I sure appreciated it a lot. I am sure Ponch will feel just as welcome this year, should there be a Race.

    Keep us appraised?
    Thanks a lot
    Fly Free, always!
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    I'm here, and can hopefully fly that weekend.
    Martin (FS RTW Race pilot 2009-19)
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    Per this : http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforum...eather-problem I'm reluctant to commit if the stock jepsen weather is allowed to be used. I brought this up last year but was dismissed.I'm AM practicing tho.
    "May fortune favor the foolish"

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    The weather issue does need to be addressed as the default real WX does not function correctly at all. I'm guessing most of the veteran racers use Active Sky but there are many who use the freeware alternatives.

    The only one I have had luck with recently is FSXWX, although I am not convinced it does not freeze up FSX on occasion. When it works it is great and compares favorably to AS. (This reported from many online flights).


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