Ariel Atom at Nürburgring POV
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Thread: Ariel Atom at Nürburgring POV

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    Ariel Atom at Nürburgring POV

    I ran across this and was really impressed. Good driving on a crowded track and the view really shows how well this car handles. Very little push or drift watching the front wheels. Really fun to watch...and it makes me want one.

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    Yep,and i love the track........the green Hell. i drive it a few times in real........

    cheers Ralf

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    Those little bullets are license manufactured in North America about 7 miles from my house at VIR (Virginia International Raceway). I was down for VIR's Gold Cup races and talked to the staff. The new 4th generation Atom model will have the new Honda Civic type-R engine and larger brakes. They are wicked fast and handle like a slot car!

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