OT Buzz bomb tseting
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Thread: OT Buzz bomb tseting

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    Awesome ! Thought it for CFS3 though ! Would be cool to have a buzz bomb intercept mission.

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    Wow, I wasn't aware that any were still in running condition, very cool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sixstrings5859 View Post
    Awesome ! Thought it for CFS3 though ! Would be cool to have a buzz bomb intercept mission.
    My son and I did a mission set for the original CFS3 called "When flying bombs attacked" back in 2005 its here in the CFS3 missions section

    I have not tested since I returned as Im still getting the game set up with all my own tweaks from back in the day, at some point in the future I will check all of our old mission packs and update if possible

    Below is a copy of the included readme file from the pack

    When Flying Bombs Attacked by Justin (Mixxa II) & Manny Trevor (Mixxa)

    Thanks for downloading our latest mission pack. You will start out flying Mossi's with 25 Squadron stationed at West Malling conducting intruder operations then move onto a special flight set-up to combat the V1 menace flying the Mossi, Spit XIV followed by the Tempest Mk V plus 1 mission flying the SOE Lysander to pick-up a resistance agent in occupied France.

    ================================================== ==================================

    A Bit O' History:
    The V-1 (also known as a flying bomb, buzz bomb or doodlebug) was a pilotless monoplane that was powered by a pulse-jet motor and carried a one ton warhead. They were launched from ramps at dedicated launch sites, the V1 travelled at about 350 - 380mph at a altitude of 3,000 - 5,000ft with a max range of 150 miles (240km). It was 8m (25') long and had a wingspan of 5.5m (20').
    Germany first launched its new weapon from Pas-de-Calais region on the northern coast of France on 12th June, 1944. The first ten failed to reach England but on the following day one landed in Essex. Over the next few months 1,435 hit south-east England. These attacks created panic in Britain and between mid June and the end of July around one and a half million people evacuated London with an estimated 6,184 people killed by these flying bombs. In total almost 30,000 V1s were manufactured of which 9,521 where launched against southern England, of those that were launched, 4,621 were destroyed by anti-aircraft fire or by RAF fighters. Once the Allies had captured the launch sites that allowed the V1s to hit England the remaining missile strikes were against the port of Antwerp.

    No 25 Squadron RAF
    The first Mosquitos were received in August 1942 and as targets over Britain grew fewer No 25 began to carry out intruder operations over German airfields. It also started bomber support missions of the type that would be later used by squadrons of No 100 Group. During 1944, it was involved in night interceptions of V-1 flying bombs after which it returned to intruder and fighter operations over Northern Europe.

    ================================================== ==================================

    As a minimum you will need to grab the
    3gr_v1 contained in the 3gr_fw_190a_8m or the Spitfire IXc Basta packages.
    all are available from Avhistory, you will also need some German aircraft in your aircraft folder for the spawns to use. Which aircraft will be up to you as long as they saw service from Dec 43 to August 44.

    ================================================== ==================================

    If you are using Winding Mans Scenery/Mission Manager then copy the folder "When Flying Bombs Attacked" into your CFS3 missions folder
    or alternatively
    copy the (20) mission .xmls from the folder "When Flying Bombs Attacked" into your Missions\Historical folder

    Copy the contents of the spawns folder into your CFS3 Spawns folder
    Note : If asked to overwrite select yes as they wont effect our other missions that use the same spawns.

    Copy the contents of the folder into your CFS3 Facilities folder

    ================================================== ==================================

    General Hint's and Tips
    When hunting V1's use short bursts to conserve ammo
    Climb back to cruise altitude between each wave of V1's
    Mission 4 Hints (Lysander SOE)
    If spotted by German fighters
    1. fly at treetop height,
    2. bank and tight turns when the fighters make their passes,
    3. fly towards any allied fighters for assistance.
    Also during Mission 4 you will see a "Goal completed" notification during the mission, please disregard as its the only way to get the success message neccasary for WM's SM/MM to advance to the next mission

    Glad to be back - Now if I can just remember how to fly this damned thing........

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    Thanks for sharing Mongoose

    Glad to be back - Now if I can just remember how to fly this damned thing........

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