Ww2 mosquito pilot flies spitfire.........
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Thread: Ww2 mosquito pilot flies spitfire.........

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    Ww2 mosquito pilot flies spitfire.........

    ...at 97 years young!!!!!!!!!!!!! thought you guys might like this. Go here to read the article:

    BTW: Does anyone know what was originally going to be the designation name of the Spitfire?

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    Thx for the HU on the footage, what a good ol' boy...and a lucky one!

    About the Spit, I'd forgotten about this, but looked it up (cheat!), and yes Mitchell the designer wanted the name of something like Shrew or Scarab!!!!???, OMG you design a beautiful ac like that and want to call it a Shrew!!

    Thankfully one of the Directors/Managers wanted to call it Sptfire after his firery little daughter's nickname...phew!, close call that...imagine what the Airfix dogfight doubles would have been..Me110 Vs Shrew MkIX or that the media version of history would have been that..''the Shrew won the BoB''...ha ha!

    The rest is history..



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    Give that man...............

    ..a ceeeeeegar! You must have read the same book I did

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