tankers down under
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Thread: tankers down under

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    tankers down under

    Another RJ85 arrives in Australia

    Tanker 166 is officially welcomed in New South Wales, November 5, 2018. NSWRFS photo.Another Avro RJ85 air tanker has arrived in Australia for their summer bushfire season. Conair’s Tanker 166, named Hunter, was officially greeted by Rural Fire Services Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons and others on November 5 a few days after it began assisting firefighters on a fire near Tamworth.

    Shane Fitzsimmons

    Hunter, the RJ85 LAT demonstrates water bombing capability this morning at Dubbo. Hunter has already been busy this last weekend assisting with fire fighting in the Tamworth area. #NSWRFS @NSWRFS @troygrant @DubboCouncil @DubboAirport
    6:00 PM - Nov 4, 2018

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    There will be six large air tankers from North America working in New South Wales and Victoria this summer. Not all have arrived yet — T-137 and T-131 should be there soon. Here is the list:

    • RJ85, T-165 (Aeroflite/Conair via FieldAir) based in Sydney (Richmond);
    • B-737, T-137 (Coulson) based in Sydney (Richmond) – subject to regulatory approvals;
    • RJ85, T-166 (Aeroflite/Conair via FieldAir) based in Sydney (Richmond)/Dubbo;
    • C-130Q, T-134 (Coulson) based in Sydney (Richmond);
    • RJ85, T-163 (Aeroflite/Conair via FieldAir) based in Melbourne (Avalon);
    • C-130Q, T-131 (Coulson) based in Melbourne (Avalon)

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    I have seen the C-130 and the
    T-185 flying overhead,last Friday
    and Saturday.The fire was real close to me
    here in Kambah ACT. Lucky no homes or lives
    were lost.
    It is going to be a scary Summer.


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    I hope the flipped the wings...
    "Let Being Helpful Be More Important Than Being Right!" Some SOH Founder.

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    Scary indeed, Anthin!

    Stay safe. Don't try to be a hero. Save your family, and then any pets, should the need arise. Everything else is replaceable!

    I have two "Grab-N-Go" back-packs. Food, water, shelter, sleeping bags, clothing. If we have to, my wife and I each grab one and run. May not be comfortable if we have to, but it's survival. We get wild-fires in our area too.
    I won't talk much about our weapons, but we'll be safe, and can hunt, if we need to.

    If we have a little more time, we have boxes of MREs, and water pouches, a bigger tent, air matresses, water filtration pumps,, lotsa goodies. And we have carry cages, food and water set-ups for our cats. Pack it all into our two trucks and awaaaay we go!

    Maybe stuff like that would be of help to you too, should you need to bail out.
    Just somethings to think on, maybe.
    Good luck to you, and all the others in that situation!
    Fly Free, always!
    Sgt of Marines
    USMC, 10 years proud service.
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