Realair "Aussie" Spit repaint now up in library.
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Thread: Realair "Aussie" Spit repaint now up in library.

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    Realair "Aussie" Spit repaint now up in library.

    TB863 was originally delivered to No. 19 Maintenance Unit at RAF St Athan on 27 February 1945. It was issued to No. 453 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force based at Matlask, Norfolk on 22 March 1945. After being struck-off as scrap in 1951 following a take-off inicident, it was purchased by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer as a stage prop for their 1955 film on wartime pilot Douglas Bader titled "Reach for the Sky" and in 1967 it was involved in the making of the movie “The Battle of Britain”. Restoration to flying condition began at Booker, UK in 1982, then was sold to Stephen Grey of The Fighter Collection and restoration was begun on 19 February 1986, In 1987 ownership passed to Sir Tim Wallis and the aircrraft was moved to New Zealand, where restoration was completed and the aircraft test flown at Wanaka in January 1989. Finally, this aircraft was sold and shipped to Australia after the 2006, where it continues to fly as part of the Temora Aviation Museum collection as VH-XVI.

    Up in the library now, and should get some more old paints up soon too within the next week. Liked all the ideas from before, currently working on a new one "MK959" when I can.


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    Thank you so much again! Another must have for the hangar. ; )

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    Thanks very much Bomber12th! Also now is the library is MK959. I'm still not completely happy with this paint, there's a few more touches I'd like to add but here's the first version.
    I'll update the file if I make any changes.

    Her first assignment was with 302 Squadron in 1944, flying a number of combat missions with the unit coded as WX-F before her last flight with them on May 30th, 1944. Then, the Spitfire then moved on to 329 Squadron, flying her first sortie with the unit over the Normandy beachhead on June 17th, 1944. She currently wears the same codes (5A-K) and invasion stripes she flew with 329 Squadron during this time. After the war she joined the reconstituted Royal Netherlands Air Force in September 1946, and again saw action with the 322 Squadron over the Dutch East Indies during the Indonesian fight for independence. Afterwards, the Dutch patched her up and used her as a decoy mounted atop a pole in Eindhoven- until the Dutch Spitfire Flight took her down in the early 1990s. They sold the Spitfire to Houston Texas in 1995, and spent the next decade restoring her back to flying condition. NX959RT's first post-restoration flight was in February 2004.

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    MK959 updated to v1.1 in the library

    Hello again,
    After some minor tweaks, I've also now updated MK959 in the library to more closer represent it's real life counterpart in a slightly darker camouflage scheme. Enjoy!

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    A Kiwi spit up next...

    Just put together PV270, should hopefully get it into the library soon as well.

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    Also going to also finally upload my "fixed" version of the default RN201 paint, with partial credits to RealAir of course...

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    Another Texas Spitfire uploaded

    Just added to the SOH library now is TE392;

    Spitfire XVI TE392 was built and delivered to the RAF in 1945. However, its service history is not fully known and following WWII the aircraft served as a gate guard with different RAF bases including Wellesbourne Mountford, RAF Waterbeach, RAF Kemble and RAF Credenhill. Douglas Arnold of Warbirds of Great Britain Ltd, acquired the Spitfire in 1984 and it was stored in UK sites until 1992 when it was sold to Mike Araldi of Bartow, FL and restoration was completed including conversion to a high back configuration. B.D.“Buddy” Hunter of Houston Texas acquired the aircraft in 1996 and it was donated to Lone Star Flight Museum, Galveston Texas and flew again on 24 December 1999 registered N97RW. She was painted in what is believed to be its WWII colours (ZX-Z) in commemoration of Texan, Lance C. Wade. It flew until in 2008, when the aircraft was submerged in the floodwaters with Hurricane Ike. TE392 has since been sold to Australia and after repairs, will be operated from Archerfield, Brisbane.

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    Thanks! It's always good to see the old girl getting attention. Her flight dynamics are simply superb and in Prepar3d v4.3 she looks and performs better than ever. Hard to believe she's as old as she is in this iteration- she gives many a recent release a run for their money.

    Best- C

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    Never tried Prepar3d so not too sure how it differs too much from FSX... maybe one day. Always feared it would run slow and under-perform on my mid-range pc!

    Thank you, I still believe this model needs attention as I've always been a fan of the later mark Spitfires and so far, there's not been any more released for 10 years! Would be brilliant to have a detailed model of a IX, XVI or even an XVIII in FSX/ P3D one day from one of the top developers like Aerosoft, A2A or Flight Replicas. Alas, we seem to get just the early marks of Spitfire released again and again and again...

    I like all the little features in the Realair release as well, and the choice of selecting clipped-wing, gun-sight, clean or worn etc in the cfg. It was clearly an add-on ahead of it's time- as you say. That being the case, the flight dynamics are very nice and it just flies "right", from aerobatics right up to the stall! Where the FDE lets itself down a little IMO is the ground handling, as the aircraft simply coasts easily over the ground, never weathercocking, pulling or oscillating- far different from any heavy taildragger! (A2A nailed this with the T6/P-51!)
    The systems too, lack functionality- what's really odd is that the CSU simply does not work or behave anything like a real one and you have to constantly adjust it with any chances of power, as the RPM wonders all over the place- as though the prop is not governing! The pneumatics are not modelled either, that being said it's still a delight, and still certainly one of the best warbird add-ons in FSX that still holds up now.

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    Actually been working on a new project, PL983. It's actually a PR.XI that I've had to adapt- just in the stages of making some final adjustments. Will of course upload if people are keen!

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    Hello, I for one am keen to see your repaint of PL983 uploaded. It is great to have two PRXI Spitfires flying again! :-)

    I already have the PL965 Real Air repaint flying out of my hangar, and i modded the fuel capacity so it has the range of a real PRXI.

    Were you the person who did the PL965 Real Air repaint?

    Best regards,
    Last edited by Melo; November 23rd, 2018 at 19:01. Reason: adding signature

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    PL983 Uploaded

    Hello, just uploaded it now! Thanks for the interest, just had to fiddle about with a few small details.
    No, not me that did the other PRXI repaint, but I do know the one you mean- it's excellent but I forget the author.

    PL983 was built in 1944, served in Europe with 4 squadron before it later passed to 2 squadron in post war occupied Germany. Famously raced by wartime ATA pilot, Lettice Curtis, it later passed to the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden and placed it on static display. A restoration to flight was started by a volunteer team, but the collection sold it unfinished in 1983. Purchased by wartime pilot Roland Frassinet, it became the first Spitfire to be restored by Trent Aero Engineering and made its first rebuild flight in July 1984 at East Midlands Airport. Sold to Doug Arnold, it featured in the TV series “Piece of Cake” and following his death in 1992, PL983 was placed in storage until being re-assembled at North Weald prior to sale to Justin Fleming in 1999. Operated by Martin Sargeant, it was overhauled and re-flown, but sadly met with a fatal accident at Rouen in France June 2001. A rebuild to flying condition was carried out at Duxford and eventually she flew again in summer 2018.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melo View Post
    Hello, I for one am keen to see your repaint of PL983 uploaded. It is great to have two PRXI Spitfires flying again! :-)

    I already have the PL965 Real Air repaint flying out of my hangar, and i modded the fuel capacity so it has the range of a real PRXI.

    Were you the person who did the PL965 Real Air repaint?

    Best regards,
    It think it was either jankees or Dave did the blue recon bird while I did the pink recon bird
    FS Painter @ The Hangar


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    Another great repaint!

    All your paints are excellent, the details, colours etc.

    I love flying Spits that are restored and flying today

    So once again....Thanks for doing all these repaints


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    Thanks a lot for the repaint! AWESOME!

    Best regards,

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