Da62 mpp
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Thread: Da62 mpp

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    Da62 mpp

    I donīt know if workable yet. But good enough to show first results.

    I merge some MPP stuff to Carenado model. But have problems with converting...


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    its looking very good,willing (if you can) to share when done?

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    Yes, thats the plan - but the merging needs Carenados permission, even though I didn't touch the Carenado model. But first I have to solve some issues with compiling process.


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    awesome,i do hope they allow it.

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    Nice job, I need a few of those mods on their King Airs.
    Fly Navy/Army (Ret. 2/2018)

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    Very sorry, due of scaling issues I descided to stop development. It is not possible to go ahead without violating the rights of third parties. I do respect them.


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