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Thread: GAS Super Stearman

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    Here's some recent updates on the wings. Ailerons were a little difficult to align since they were mismatched.

    Theres panel below the hinge where the rivets are in this pic.

    From the cockpit.

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    Ted, your attention to detail comes to an ultra-fine point!
    enter..the Sandman

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    Yep, very nice job ! Crg.
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    Been away for awhile, just getting caught up..... Your Progress is Mind-Blowing! I've heard the term Rivet counter...but now the term "Stitch" counter has been created. The Above pictures look like photographs of fabric work. Gorgeous!

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    Thanks guys! There's a couple options I've seen when it comes to Stearman wing tanks. Instead of stitches, I will change to round bumps. Some Stearmans have exposed tanks and some are covered. On the NASA Stearman I will go with the exposed tank.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Stearman Tank 1.jpg   Stearman Tank 2.jpg  

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    apparently it's an owner option that involves airworthiness inspections...the FAA wants to inspect the covered tanks every year but only inspect the uncovered 'painted' tanks every other it's cheaper to leave them uncovered.

    the aircraft owner then has to decide if the 'authenticity' of a covered tank is worth that extra cost and down time.
    enter..the Sandman

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    Uploaded this morning so look for "Stearman US Air Mail".

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    Thank you, Ted - it looks amazing!
    enter..the Sandman

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    Thanks! Looks amazing.
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    Wow ! ..... This mail livery looks absolutely photoreal, Ted ! Thank-you.

    (As a side note, ....... I can't wait to see your Howard liveries ! )

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    Quote Originally Posted by MZee1960 View Post
    Wow ! ..... This mail livery looks absolutely photoreal, Ted ! Thank-you.

    (As a side note, ....... I can't wait to see your Howard liveries ! )
    I'm working on those in 4k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TuFun View Post
    I'm working on those in 4k.
    Wow ! Going to be nice ! I'd better start practicing my rivet counting ...........

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    I really like this US Mail texture TuFun, then again I like just about every one you've done! Thank you very much Sir!
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    Thanks guys! I will catch up with the other two Stearman's right now I'm on a mission to get a few of the Howard's I did up to specs.

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    If I ever had a wish for free, maybe a repaint of the legendary Stearman from the movie "Capricorn One" may come true?

    See you, Manfred.

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