Aeroworx c-47 conversion of fsx liveries
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Thread: Aeroworx c-47 conversion of fsx liveries

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    Aeroworx c-47 conversion of fsx liveries

    Hi all,
    I read early in the Aeroworx c-47 thread that it was possible to convert fsx liveries.

    I dl'd the revised normals by arcticpilot, they seem to work fine, but I hit a wall going from DDS to PNG in photoshop.
    I flipped the DDS to look like the normal, and saved the dds as png, no more than that.

    the loaded livery displays the normal but not the png data.

    Any pointers gratefully accepted.
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    Did you remove the original DDS files?

    P.S: Why not keep the textures in DDS format?

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    Hi Bjoern,
    Thanks for the info. gonna start again with a different m.o and post any success.

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    For the record, thanks to patience and Bjoern's input, I have a--somewhat-- replicable process for converting fsx c-47 liveries.
    No WIPs yet because, for the record, normals are not simple for me, but wow, they are powerful.

    If you're looking to do c-47 normals, download articpilot's c-47 bump map files. You will then be challenged to learn the art of blending and alpha-ing the normals to bring your diffuse textures to life.

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    WIP Screens

    Trying to land Berndt's YU-ACA on that tiny grass field at LIPV in Venice , flying Manuele's Alitalia bird over beautiful Liguria

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails awxdc3_95.jpg   awxdc3_90.jpg   awxdc3_64.jpg   awxdc3_29.jpg  

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