Now I am not able to save controller settings!
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Thread: Now I am not able to save controller settings!

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    Now I am not able to save controller settings!

    All was fine until Windows 10 did another update. I have never had this type of problem. No matter what I do, I am NOT able to save controller settings. I get everything assigned and working, but if I close P3D and restart it, none of the settings are saved. To make matters worse, if I choose a different aircraft, once I get the assignments done again, then the settings are gone again!

    I literally spent almost 6 hours, trying to fix this problem. I had to stop before I started smashing things. I tried deleting the default controller file, but that didn't fix it. Also ran the repair function of the Client, but no luck with it either.

    Please, if anyone can help me with this, I sure would appreciate it! NC

    P.S. I DO have a registered copy of FSUIPC, but I have NO clue how to use it.

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    Am seemingly able to save controller settings, but now I have THIS graphic problem!

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    If Windows got updated, then it might have updated your graphic drivers as well.
    I would recommend you to delete the shaders to force P3D to regenerate them again on next startup. This often solves many issues.

    As for the settings that don't get saved anymore, this is probably linked to authorization problems. Ensure your P3D is launched as an administrator (right click the icon, and choose "run as administrator"). Also, next time you adjust your settings, take the time to "export" these settings to an external file that you could reload later if needed. There should be an "export" or "export settings" button, something explicit enough, but I don't remember the exact title right now

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    Sometime ago had the problem with keeping controller settings. Uninstalled "client", reintalled and that solved it…

    Best regards

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