Here's a pic of me next to this shiny new Bombardier (EXPERIMENTAL) Global 7500. She landed at KSUS, an airport near where I live. They were doing test flights on Saturday, as part of the process for getting certified to start selling them to people with lots of money to spend. Turns out an old shipmate of mine is the guy running all the flight test equipment in the back. I've never stepped foot in a plane like this. Even with all the test equipment in the back, you could still see how awesome it would be to take a flight in this thing. Got to meet the rest of the flight test crew, including the pilots. And the two FAA guys taking notes... They were all business. The pilots were cool. Ex USAF. They even had a flight attendant on this flight. She was nice. The flight deck, as you can imagine, is 100% "glass". Very cool. I didn't notice the size of the windows until I got inside. Huge! Probably a fantastic view from 50,000 feet, which is what this ship can cruise at. On this day they flew from Wichita KS to an airport in New York, then to here (KSUS), and then off to somewhere else. They didn't need gas (guess what the "7500" refers to...) They just pick airports to land at. Just putting miles on it.