Weird graphic appears in FSX sky
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Thread: Weird graphic appears in FSX sky

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    Weird graphic appears in FSX sky

    I'm setting up a new rig running FSX-SE on a mid-range desktop with the Win 10 OS. The graphics are superb and frame rates are holding in the 50-60 range. I added REX Weather Architect due to the lack of a working weather engine in Steam 's version of FSX. This add-on is transformative and very quick loading. There is one big problem that has me upset: After a few minutes in a flight I am getting what I would call a graphic anomaly that displays a large pastel corkscrew spiral graphic in the sky at several points of the compass. I believe I have seen this graphic in FSX in one of the missions where a plane has to make a military landing that is a spiral decent right over the runway. I could be wrong about which mission, but I remember seeing the big coil during one of the missions. I was wondering if that graphic could be removed somehow?

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    The spirals you're seeing are a visual display of the thermals in FSX the weather engine is creating.
    I don't know if the spirals are there due to the weather engine you added, or a setting in FSX.
    You can see if it's an FSX setting by going to Display Options, Weather tab. There is, or should be, a box for selecting Natural, Off, or Schematic. I think to "see" the thermal spirals display, it needs to be on Schematic. I'm pretty sure to make them invisible, but felt, like in the real world, select Natural.
    I have NO idea where to find a setting for it in the REX software, if one exists. You might check in the user manual, if it has one, or the Rex forums. Something like that.
    Me, personally, I would check the FSX settings first, though. I am pretty sure it's the most likely cause...

    Good luck! Let us know how it turns out
    Fly Free, always!
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    You are awesome,Sir! That was the cause and the settings changes were the cure. I'm a Day 1 fs9er and this "new" 2006 sim requires a bit of catching up from me.

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    I'm glad I could help!
    Welcome to the new, up-to-date world of FSX

    That's a joke, btw. FSX is 12 now. Hard to believe how fast the time can fly...
    No pun intended on that one.
    I got FSX:SE the night is first came out. Not a huge update to FSX, but I was running FS9 up til then, and heard a lot of good about FSX. I thought I'd give it a try. At $5.00 even *I* could afford it. I'd just go without a hamburger one day when we were out. I had nuggets instead

    Anywho, I've done a lot of soaring IRL, long and long ago, like when I turned 14, the minimum age to get a glider license, well, a week after I turned 14, anyway, and so when I found out you could soar thermals in FSX I was very happy.
    Too bad there aren't any playful red-tail hawks in FSX, though. Where I was soaring, Calistoga, CA, there was a pair that lived on the nearby ridge, and they would come out while I was soaring the ridge lift, and get me to chase them. They would come up, and fly right up next to my canopy, then one would peel off, and the other and I would go in pursuit. They cheated, though. When they were done, they landed on their nest. I came close to doing the same thing a couple times!
    I learned more aerobatics from chasing them around the sky, as they desired...
    Let's face it, though, who better as a teacher?? Ok maybe Bob Hoover. Other than that though...
    After all, they're naturals at it!
    I've gone on to other stuff since, but heck, thermals are part of the sky, so I left them in. I just can't see them now. Not that I used that visualization system to find them when I was soaring...<Whistles innocently>

    Glad you got it squared away now. Have fun!
    Fly Free, always!
    Sgt of Marines
    USMC, 10 years proud service.
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