Bristol Bulldog to Fly Again Soon
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Thread: Bristol Bulldog to Fly Again Soon

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    Bristol Bulldog to Fly Again Soon

    This may not be news to some, but it was to me. Through the most recent addition of Classic Wings magazine, there is an exclusive article on a full-scale reproduction of a Bristol Bulldog that is getting quite close to completion to fly. The project has been underway for some years now by Ed Storo in Oregon (who also previously built a fantastic WWI Bristol Fighter reproduction). Mr. Storo's attention to detail and getting things right is phenomenal. Originally, Bulldogs were powered by a Bristol Jupiter 9-cylinder engine which are now extremely rare (and no one's working on them), so a 9-cylinder Pratt & Whitney Wasp engine, of the same vintage and performance, is being used instead.

    Here is a recent photo shared by Classic Wings to their Facebook page today:

    And some photos from back in 2017 of the project (though there are a number of inaccuracies in the written portions):

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    Hands down,...the British came up with some of the best looking,...most elegant,...fighter aircraft in-between the two wars.
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