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    Now letís move to the news about our other projects. Scenario campaigns for Tank Crew - Clash at Prokhorovka are nearly finished, soon weíll record the voices for them and start their beta testing. Our partner Digital Forms is finishing the interior of Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.G and itís beta testing will start this weekend:


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    Flying Circus is also moving forward: Halberstadt CL.II and Bristol Fighter F.2B airplanes have their cockpits finished and they are going to this beta too.

    All in all, we progress in all directions and the closer the development is to the release the more interesting details about the coming additions we can tell you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by huub vink View Post
    Thanks for the update, and as always the images look absolutely stunning.

    Obviously my modest 11 years old PC will not be able to run these sims with the graphic setting at max, but as I'm about to replace my current PC, I would like ask what the specification are of the PC on which these screenshots were taken?
    Bodenplatte will be a certain purchase!

    Huub, Not sure what the systems specs on the ones they use for those pics, but I'm running Win7Pro, I7 at 4.0 Ghz, 16 GB ram, nVidia Geforce Titan GTX, 12 GB Vram, DDR5 and running good here. Just some pics of some stock skins on planes and user created ones.

    If you look closely at this skin on the 262, look on the left engine nacelle, the light grey area, has the mechanics hand prints on the panel,lol Thought that was a nice touch! Click on the pic of the 262 to enlarge it, then you'll see the hand prints

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    The views can be pretty cool too, here I am flying over the Kuban map, when you pass throught the clouds, condensation builds up on the wind screen, then dissipates after you pass through them. Was surprised when I first saw that,lol

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    A few Tanks, Sherman doesn't have American crewman yet, they are coming though.

    Tiger is from Das Reich

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