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    Darryl Greenamyer

    Did we know that darryl has died?..i just saw it on a reno racing website,he died on Oct 1 2018,this saddens me.he was the cousin of a woman who was married to one of my moms co-workers.i know that sounds odd,but Lynn and my mom were really close and our families did alot of things together,i only got to see Darryl once at reno,but id see him in the Christmas time holidays,or thanksgivings,and any other time he came to town to see lynn and doyle.doyle was well aware my and myself were airplane nuts,so he introduced my dad to him at a party back in 1973.

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    That is a very sad death... if I remember correctly, in the 1979 Reno air races... he survived a bad and fiery crash in his modified p-51. He later talked about his crash on abc sports. Godspeed Darryl.

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    I always think of Darryl and his crew trying to rescue Kee Bird from Greenland.

    Sad to hear.

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    A sad loss to the aviation world!

    My greatest memory of him is from Reno, as well. I can't recall the exact year, since I was fairly young, and didn't pay attention to when I was back then. But my parents took me to Reno every year, and I loved every minute of it. Our really good family friends had a nice ski-cabin in Squaw Valley, and we'd commute to the Races and back for the 3 main weekend days. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. From what little I payed any attention to, I am REALLY glad I wasn't driving on the way back to the cabin. The traffic was terrible!
    During the Unlimited I remember Darryl best for, he got a little faster than he should have, and as he shot down the viewing stands, with the Start/Finish Pylon just off to my left a little, he was knife-edge on. Great view of the bottom of his plane as he went by. You could count the rivets easily. Unfortunately, he was between the line of speakers, and the stands! I won't swear his lower wing-tip was above the level of the loud-speakers, either. I hate to think where the tips of his propellor blades were relative the fans in the stands as he went by, now that I'm a little older. At the time, though, I just thought it was the best view of a plane I'd gotten up to that point. I was cheering like mad!

    They called him on it too. Before he even got to the first pylon, he leveled the wings and pulled up hard out of the course. Kinda odd, up to that point, the main radios had been audible out the loud-speaker system, but suddenly, they went silent...
    As I recall, they banned him from the Unlimited for a couple years for that little stunt, but I might be wrong.

    Anywho, that seared his name into MY little brain!
    He'll be missed, no question.
    Fly Free, always!
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    USMC, 10 years proud service.
    Inactive now...

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    About my reply... i found out he raced a bearcat. He had a f104 that has the name red baron... that confused me. My sincerest apologies.

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