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    I was doing some searching on a WW2 Humber Staff car and saw this cool preview of a WW2 illustrator... well checkout this trailer. It's different!

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    My middle, of three, daughter is named Arwen, does that count?

    She is a Marine, like daddy, although also...ummm...inactive reserve?...now, like me. She was in Iraq, Iran, all over "over there".
    When she left, I gave her my K-Bar, for good luck. It worked for me, anyway.
    She got some interested looks from the older Marines, and a couple Mossad agents ("They have dead eyes!"), she met Not many Marines wear a well-worn K-Bar on their web gear any longer. Pity, too. HECK of a great knife! And she wore it on her left shoulder strap, upside down, just the way it should be worn. Goooood girl!
    Of course, she got (gets!) interested looks by most men. Tall, leggy, blonde, slim waist, nice...figure. Good looking young lady.

    The title brought all this to mind. Marwen...Arwen...see?

    Have fun all!
    Fly Free, always!
    Sgt of Marines
    USMC, 10 years proud service.
    Inactive now...

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