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Thread: New Gotha bombers series thread

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    Panel Update for the Gotha G.IV

    Next I believe would come a with-bombsight-panel update for the G.IV.
    Changing the viewing angle to 70 degrees, a 16700 ft height can be incorporated into the scale.
    Note the close proximity of the 2 high-altitude crosshairs! They work very well, though.

    For the lower night-raid heights, 90% throttle has to be used. This also applies to the G.V and G.Va.
    (Not to the G.Vb, as this aircraftīs specified max. speed was 5 Kph lower).

    Max. speed for these aircraft (except G.Vb) was 140 kph, but due to the small + 8 kph distortion in the
    engine-power curve in the sim, there is a small unwanted power-peak at mid-altitudes, caused by the
    way the sim handles superchargers.

    Superchargers are ON in the flight model because of the Gothaīs high-compression Mercedes D.IVa engines.
    Corrections for this unwanted mid-altitude power-peak would involve lowering power, but comes at the price
    of a considerable loss in power at low and high altitudes.

    This is out of the question, especially because as at low altitudes, these high-compression engines are limited
    to only 70% of their power, which is emmulated in the.air file, and would thus cause an even greater loss power
    loss that would make climbing unrealistically sluggish.

    Anyway, the crosshairs (and also the engines, of course) seem to work very well!
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    New Gotha WD7 Wasserdoppeldecker.

    Hello Folks,

    There will be another Gotha, hopefully not the last, in this series of model upgrades for CFS2.

    It is the Gotha WD7, the first twin-engined seaplane to be built in quantity (8 units) by Gothaer Waggonfabrik A.G., 1915, powered by 6-cyl 120 hp Mercedes D.II engines. It was used for marine reconnaissance and later mainly as trainer for the larger WD-14 torpedo bombers which operated in the North Sea and Baltic.

    This one is actually scheduled next on the production line, as it ties in nicely with the upcoming Flanders Scenery currently being prepared by Kdriver and Ravenna.

    Iīve just finished adapting the model for CFS2, with Dp files and a provisional huge scary-looking black English torpedo.

    The .air file, aircraft.cfg, and panel all need to be done properly as yet, but for the moment it flies, sits on the water rocking slowly with the waves, but wonīt take off!

    Here is some eye-candy for the time being!

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    Novelties on the WD7

    Hello Folks,
    Slowly Iīm getting there...
    This floatplane was used for marine reconnaissance and also for torpedo training, for which it carried a dummy torpedo to train pilots for the larger twin-engined torpedo bombers like the Gotha WD11 and WD14, which were used in the Baltic.

    Real German aerial torpedos at the time weighed over 1500 lb, and the WD7 couldnīt handle the weight. The maximum it was able to carry was a 400 lb dummy. As this was not a weapon, I decided to keep out of the Dp files, and build it with the aircraft, to have it enabled and disabled (visible or invisible) with the spoiler key.

    Using the spoiler parameter for carrying the torpedo also allowed convenient lift and drag alterations in the .air file for when the torpedo is "carried". I found it works very well: Without the torpedo, top speed is at the specified 137 kph / 85 mph, and with it, speed goes down to 127 kph / 79 mph, also lowering rate of climb. I had tested performance previously it by putting a black, lighter English torpedo in the DP files, to establish plausible changes in performance.

    Ravenna also kindly supplied me with the water FX for some spectacular spray when taking off or touching down on water, which can be seen in the screenshots attached.

    BUT: Iīm still having a problem, which is delaying the upload. I want to adapt the sound.cfg of some convenient aircraft sounds, with water touch-down sounds. At first I took the water-sounds from one of my FS98 floatplanes, but they wonīt sound in CFS2.
    Then I tried to adapt some other CFS2 sounds changing the touchdown sounds for water-sounds in the general CFS2 Sounds library, but it isnīt working either...

    I wonder if anyone could have a suggestion to this respect. Thanks in advance for any help!

    Meanwhile, here are some screenshots as eye-candy!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails WD7 take-off at the Mole.jpg   WD7 take-off at the Mole-2.jpg   WD7 with dummy torpedo.jpg  
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