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    Hello All,
    Relative to the Giant Staaken Seaplanes, there were two versions.

    The one I mentioned in the previous post may not be interesting, as it did not proceed beyond the trial stage. It was essentially an R.VI fitted with large 13 m (42 ft 8 in) long duralumin floats, and had the characteristic R.VI nose. However, the aircraft was wrecked during trials and only one was built.

    BUT: ;-)
    There was another model, of which three were built:

    The Zeppelin-Staaken Type 8301 Seaplane, which used the R.VI wings with a new fuselage, suspended midway between the mainplanes, supported by floats like the 'Type "L"', and incorporated the large central fin of the R.XV.

    Iīd rather build this this model, making the necessary modifications to my Staaken "L" seaplane.
    Here is a photo of it. Quite an impressive machine!

    So, Iīll be opening another thread called "Staaken Giant Seaplane" with more information as work progresses.

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    Probably not a good idea after all.

    Hello Folks,

    I was trying to see about the service history of the Zeppelin Staaken Giant Seaplanes.
    Unfortunately it appears that the three 8301 types built came too late in the war to
    see any military service, only being used post-war as passenger aircraft.

    So... it turns out that there seems little point in building a CFS2 model for this model too..
    Iīll have to look for a different model.

    Perhaps the large, 4-engined Gotha WD-27?
    It had an engine layout similar to the Staaken R.VI,
    and a wingspan of 101 ft, qualifying
    as a "Riesenflugzeug" - i.e. a Giant. Three were built, and at least one saw service.
    However, as an unarmed long-range reconnaissance aircraft, "the eyes of the fleet", it
    wasnīt a combat aircraft, so again, a model of this is of questionable interest for CFS2.

    Back to the hunting grounds - letīs see what I can find!
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