Coming to Your Hangars soon.
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Thread: Coming to Your Hangars soon.

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    Coming to Your Hangars soon.

    The long wait is almost at an end. Team Daedalus is nearing the first release of a brand new, super detailed Bf109G-6 model for CFS2.

    We would also like to welcome our new SCASM development member, mav, to the team.

    No other aircraft epitomized the rise and fall of the German Luftwaffe in WWII more than the Messerschmitt Bf109. It was continuously developed as the war went on and was produced in a progression of types. Besides its primary role as a fighter, the 109 was also used as a fighter bomber, reconnaissance, night fighter, and a trainer. From 1943 through the end in 1945, the Bf109G versions were the backbone of the Jagdwaffe in the skies of East, West and Mediterranean Fronts.

    The first release will be the Bf109G-6. Because the G-6 was manufactured in 3 widely separated factories and bombing disruption difficulties in the supply chain, different armament, and theater equipment, there were many different variations of the basic G-6. There was no one standard version.
    As they are completed, there will be a number of individual models, no two exactly alike. So watch for the upcoming announcements. There just might be later versions of the Bf109G as well.

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    Looking forward to this....

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    Wow! Looks fantastic, really looking forward to this one.


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    Icon22 Reply...

    Team Daedalus,

    This looks incredible, well worth the wait. Looking forward to it!

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    Certainly have to make room in the hangar

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    Some G-6 variations. Note Black 5 has the Revi 16b gun sight in stowed position - yes it is animated
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    Bravo!! Amazing work, thank you!

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    A few Bf109G-6 details - pics

    A fully modeled wing root fairing.

    Hollow individual exhaust stacks.

    Detailed landing gear. The flexible brake line even flexes as the wheels bump.
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    Amazing work guys, looking forward to this one.


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    Incredible Detail

    Wonderful stuff. Kudos to Team Daedalus. Can't wait.

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    Fantastic !!!!!!!!!

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