reno air races online
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Thread: reno air races online

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    reno air races online

    theres a live ( or maybe slightly delayed) feed of Reno at ive watched the past few years on this since i cant seem to make it up there....

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    Thanks Dave.
    Now there's a day and a half shot because I was watching races instead of doing chores and projects. Oh well

    Some good close racing so far, windy Wed. and Thursday but pleasant today.

    Had an "oopsie" with midair contact between two of the L-39s in the 2B Jet heat. Wingtip-to-fuselage bump cost one an aileron , a bunch of wingspan, damage to fin and one horizontal stab (debris impact) and the other suffered a couple of punctures near the wing/fusleage joint. Pilots are ok, planes not so but all are safe on the ground.

    Of course, this is all just a prelude to two more 'wasted' days of race-watching on the weekend. Good thing the snow has interrupted my fall garden clean-up... (yes, snow)


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