Milviz 30& off sale three days only to Sunday Sep-16
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Thread: Milviz 30& off sale three days only to Sunday Sep-16

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    Milviz 30& off sale three days only to Sunday Sep-16

    This was posted earlier in the FSX Sales thread, but just in case anyone interested may have missed:

    Milxiz is having a 30% off sale on all aircraft for three days only until Sunday Sep-16, both at their store as well as their
    third party retailers (already up at Simmarket, I assume others will follow shortly).


    PS: I shouldn't try typing first thing in the morning without glasses...

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    Anyone know the major dofferences in the various f-4 packs. Which one??


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    There are two Phantoms:
    - The F-4E
    - The F-4J and S

    Each pack has two versions:
    - normal, with TacPack
    - Advanced, with even deeper realism level for all systems. This is an ADDON for the normal pack, not standalone !!

    Here is a copy from the Advanced F-4S package description:
    The Advanced Series F-4E module is not a stand-alone add-on. It extends the functionality of the MilViz F-4E Phantom II. and as such, that aircraft is required for this release to function. It is also compatible with the existing TacPack add-on for the F-4E, but does not require it. The Advanced Series F-4E module does not function nor is it compatible with the MilViz F-4J/S.
    Special F-4E ADV Features:
    External Flight Physics Engine
    Accurate Drag Model
    Realistic Slats Effects
    Accurate Pylons, Racks & Stores Drag
    Accurate Pylons, Racks & Stores Stability
    Custom J79-GE-17 Engine Model
    Realistic Engine Characteristics
    GPU aided or Cartridge starts
    Engine wind milling and midair starts
    Realistic Fuel Management
    Realistic weight, inertia and CG model
    By-the-book performance
    Realistic Flight Control Systems
    Realistic Automatic Flight Control System
    Detailed Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems
    Realistic Air Data Computer (ADC)
    Detailed Landing Gear Structural Model
    Realistic Nose Wheel Steering
    Realistic Anti-Skid System
    Accurate Drag Chute Dynamics & Limits
    Scalable In-Depth Failure System
    Detailed Icing System
    Realistic Battle Damage (TacPack required)
    Optional Instructor Mode

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    Quote Originally Posted by LouP View Post
    Anyone know the major dofferences in the various f-4 packs. Which one??

    Well, first of all decide if you want Air Force or Navy (i.e. E or J/S). Then decide if you want the ADVanced models (more demanding/precise FDE, systems, failures modelling and much more). Finally there is Tacpack. For the E you can add Tacpack on the basic model or the ADV. For the J/S Tacpack is included in the ADV version and can not be added on the basic.

    Hope it helps.

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    Thanks guys, now the F86 is looking tempting. My two favorite fighters. Decisions, decisions..


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    Both are excellent and surprisingly light on the FPS !
    I own all F4's, the F-86 and the F-100. They are all beautifully made and very pleasant to use. The virtual cockpits are on par with the external models => superb.
    So it's really up to your preference.

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    IF you don't have F-100D, you haven't lived in FS heavy metal yet...probably one of the best addons for all FS. IMHO.
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