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    I have a need to learn how this program is used. There is a workflow tutorial by the developer, however it seems the program (SODE) was originally written solely for the placement of Jetways, which are of no interest to me. However it does apparently allow a person to place other single scenery objects, season effects and much more. However the workflow described in the tutorial leaves some holes about "what do I do after this?". It seems to assume, as too many tutorials do, that you know what to do next. All I want to do, at this point is place a windsock. I can do it in Instant Scenery3 in about 3 seconds, but the possibilities for SODE are forcing me to suck it up and take the time to figure this system out.

    Anyone who is using the "placer" program that can simplify the steps. . .I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.
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    I always thought SODE is a conditional engine for animated scenery elements. Like a windsock, driven by wind direction and strength, or hangar doors that open when you get near them?

    It surely is an interesting piece of software, that really can make a scenery lively.

    I think there's an older thread over at FSDev that has the subject of placing a SODE windsock.

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    Hi Ed:

    I replied to your other thread inquiring on this same topic FSDeveloper:

    Hope this helps you (and other developers as well) !


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