Portraits of Thunderchiefs, the Rolling Thunder Pilots
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Thread: Portraits of Thunderchiefs, the Rolling Thunder Pilots

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    Icon14 Portraits of Thunderchiefs, the Rolling Thunder Pilots

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    nice pics and mini bios

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    Many, many thanks for this EXCELLENT article. It is humbling to realize I wore the same uniform at the same time they did.

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    Those men were the "Top" of the Fighter food chain in those days...the Bravest of the Brave. My Greatest respect and Gratitude to those who flew the Thud and brought the "Fight" up North, day in and day out. Let no one forget what they did in service to our Country a long time ago in a far off land.

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    A well deserved tribute to men who gallantly served in a war with too many restraints. Sadly, many of these brave men were lost "Going Downtown". God bless them all...

    The Old Master Sergeant

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    "...Once you got it airbourne the sensation was like driving a Cadillac. 52,000 pounds,
    65 ft long, 38 ft wingspan. Couldn't turn with a MIG, but could outrun them. Great airplane."

    When you cover the left side of their images (insight to their left brain hemisphere)
    then you can see the fierceness and fearlessness remaining in most of these pilots.

    Thanks, Panther. Really enjoyed this.



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