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Thread: RAZBAM Mig-19

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    RAZBAM Mig-19

    Trailer #1.....Stay Tuned


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    WIP gun sight modes

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    Search and Tracking antennas are both working. The tracking antenna has locked onto the bomber and feeding range info to the gunsight."

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    Radar Scope nearly complete.
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    Night Intercept
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    Mini update......

    The landing gear brake system uses compressed air. The system is fed from two 10 liter bottles and has a total pressure of 150 Kg/cm2.There is a caveat with the landing gear brakes. Every time you use them, you are consuming air. When you press the brake pedals, the brake pads valves are opened and air from the main system enters and activates them. But, when you release the brakes pedals, the valves close and the air in the brake cylinders is released to the atmosphere, so you lose the equivalent of 1.5 to 2.0 Kg/cm2 of pressure EVERY TIME you use the landing gear brakes.
    All pilots will have to manage the air supply because it can only be replenished by the ground crew.

    The pneumatic system is also used for arming the cannons, winshield de-icin and activating/jettisoning the brake parachute.
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    That's not unlike the pneumatic system in the Mig-21, a finite supply is an understatement! That's okay, it's more of a challenge.


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    Hey Storm,Great to see you up and running after that terrible Hurricane


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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantom88 View Post
    Hey Storm,Great to see you up and running after that terrible Hurricane
    Thanks! We're still awaiting getting our damage repaired over a month out from the storm. My PC is back up and running but with a lot of odd things going on (freeze ups and CTD's and hardware and drivers stop working) with it likely due to the moister exposure and slowly advancing corrosion. It may hold on a bit or it may suddenly go Blue Screen (from my past experiences with similar things, this is how it goes). Due to the masisve backup from booked damage repair contractors, it may be a good while before I get my damage repaired. When that does happen, I will be displaced for a bit. I am looking forward to the Mig-19. I always thought it was an interesting aircraft which will now finally be brought to life properly in a simulator.


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    Mig-19P has it's own forum section now.........getting close
    "Hello folks,
    In this thread we will post the advance status of our newest RAZBAM addition to DCS World: The MiG-19P Farmer "B"

    Currently Enabled Systems

    Flight InstrumentsAMG-10 G-meter
    • Landing Gear, Flaps and Airbrake Status panel
    • Nose gear brake lever (enables the nose brakes).
    • Landing gear lever
    • Neutral Trim advisory lights (Bank and Pitch).
    • GIK-1 Electric Gyrocompass: Shows current heading, selected course and bearing to selected NDB station.
    • ADI-1 Attitude Indicator. This is an inverted ball model.
    • BD-20 Barometric altimeter (in meters).
    • KUS-2000 Indicated Airspeed indicator (in Km/h).
    • EUP-53 Bank rate indicator.
    • RB-5 Radio altimeter (0 to 600 meters ASL).
    • VAR-150 Variometer (vertical speed in m/s).
    • MS-1.5 Mach meter. Indicates both mach and true airspeed.
    • Clock

    Engine Gauges

    • Engine temperature (Celsius)
    • Engine tachometer (in RPM)
    • Fuel gauge (liters). Only shows the fuel quantity for the No.1 tank.
    • Voltmeter
    • Military Power Advisory lamps. Turn on when the engines at are MIL power.
    • Brake pressure indicators.
    • Main Hydraulic System pressure indicator.
    • Emergency Hydraulic System pressure indicator.
    • Main Air System pressure indicator.
    • Emergency 1 Air System pressure indicator.
    • Emergency 2 Air System pressure indicator.
    • Low Hydraulic Pressure caution lamp.
    • Advisory/Warning Lights Panel.
    • Empty fuel tanks warning lights

    Flight Controls

    • Flaps control panel
    • Trim system

    Environmental System Gauges

    • MA-150 Oxygen level gauge with "breathing" indicator.
    • M-2000 Mask oxygen pressure.
    • Cockpit pressure indicator.

    Electrical System

    • All power switches on the right panel
    • All circuit breakers on the right panel


    • Armament control panel
    • Rocket control panel
    • Cannon master arm buttons
    • Bombs master arm switch
    • Rockets jettison switch
    • Bombs/Fuel tanks jettison switch
    • Cannon, bombs and rockets advisory lights
    • Gunsight distance, span and dive angle selectors.

    Radios & Radar

    • RSIU-4V Radio
    • ARK-5 ADF system
    • Intercomm
    • RP-5 Izumrud radar


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    Pilot Animations

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    I am looking forward to this bird. I have a feeling it's going to be one of my favorites!


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    RAZBAM Planning English,Russian and Chinese Cockpit Labels and Manuals with Module Release.
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    It look great. but I am always hesitant when buying a Razbam product.

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    Geez, I just wish a watered down version would come to FSX. Looks like I'll have to give DCS a try!! The finish on the skin looks fantastic and you guys were always good at getting us some overlooked birds! My faves of yours that I have are the Banshee, F-102 and Buckeye. (The Kestrel was a neat item too!)

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    Hi Josh,DCS is free to download and play,it comes with two free modules,give it a try......The Mig-19P will be out this month.
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    Hello Patrick, you really seem to have inside information! Thank you for all your interesting posts and best wishes for 2019.

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