Interesting make up of aircraft in this film!
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Thread: Interesting make up of aircraft in this film!

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    Interesting make up of aircraft in this film!

    Very well done film!

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    Nice little film. Great animation.

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    Interesting make up of aircraft in this film!
    Sonuvagun! I never knew aircraft wore make-up in the movies!

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    I do know that in some of the older WWII movies they used the SNJ to appear as a Zero. I guess that qualifies as wearing make-up

    Have fun, all!
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    That was very interesting. I feel badly about the tragic end for the pilot though!

    Speaking of the pilot, it was very androgenous; I can't decide if the pilot was male or female, not that it truly matters.

    I was fascinated by this CGI short that came up automatically after watching this one:

    "The Looking Planet"
    During the construction of the universe, a young member of the Cosmos Corps of Engineers decides to break some fundamental laws in the name of self-expression.
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    Great little movie!
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    Enjoyable, thanks. A female pilot, in my opinion. When I think of androgyny the Statue of Liberty always comes to mind.
    Reminds me that there's no greater gift than to lay one's life down for others. Veterans understand this well, as have/do others.



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    The rain maker film was great ! On the edge of my seat the whole time. Very good animation. Thanks !

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